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The Academy of Sciences of Moldova

The Academy of Sciences of Moldova (A.S.M.), in its role of the highest scientific forum of the country, represents the only public institution of national interest in the sphere of science and innovation, is a plenipotentiary coordinator of scientific and innovation activity, scientific consultant of the public authorities of the Republic of Moldova, has an autonomous statute and acts on the basis of self-administration principles.

The Academy of Sciences develops its activity according to the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, the Code on Science and Innovation, the Partnership Agreement with the Government of the country, its Statute and other legislative and normative documents.


During its development A.S.M. has become a real scientific forum of devotion, an authentic institution of research and creation. At present, the academic corps of the Academy of Sciences brings together 47 Full Members (Academicians), 60 Corresponding Members and 38 Honorary Members. Within the framework of the A.S.M. there are institutions that carry out fundamental, applicative scientific researches and activities of innovation and technologic transfer, which results are materialized in new scientific knowledge, technological and technical elaborations, capitalization of the national patrimony, promotion of scientific and cultural values on a national and world level, training of scientific personnel of high qualification.

The main directions of activity of the Academy of Sciences in the quality of public institution of national interest in the sphere of science and innovation are the following:

  • elaboration and promotion of the strategy of the sphere of science and innovation development,
  • realization of state policy and development of conceptual activity in the sphere of science and innovation;
  • identification of strategic directions of the sphere of science and innovation development;
  • organization and realization of fundamental scientific researches, elaboration of advanced technologies and new techniques;
  • organization of elaboration of concepts, state programmes and projects, international scientific and technical-scientific programmes and of the mechanisms of their realization, as well as of those for stimulating the implementation of scientific researches results in the national economy;
  • organization of the activity for the elaboration of syntheses regarding the tendencies of social-economic, technological, and human country development, as well as the prognoses for the sphere of science and innovation development
  • distribution of budget allocations, according to the strategic directions of the sphere of science and innovation development;
  • training of scientific personnel of high qualification, supporting and promotion of the autochthonous scientific schools and of scientific and cultural national and world values;
  • supporting and promotion of the relations of scientific collaboration on internal and external level and of the activity of cooperation and integration in the European and world sphere

In order to fulfill the fundamental objectives of the Academy of Sciences the R&D institutes carry out their activity, aiming at achieving the forecasted results out of the strategic directions of the sphere of science and innovation development in 2005-2010:

  • edification of the state of law and capitalization of the cultural and historical patrimony of Moldova in the context of European integration;
  • capitalization of human, natural and information resources for a sustainable development;
  • biomedicine, pharmaceutics, health maintenance and strengthening;
  • agricultural biotechnologies, soil fertilization and food security;
  • nanotechnologies, industrial engineering, new products and materials;
  • efficiency and assurance of the energetic complex security.

Fundamental and applied researches are performed in such fields of science as: mathematics and informatics, theoretical physics, solid-state physics, micro-and optoelectronics, transfer processes in magnetic fields, geophysical and geological processes, physical and technical processes in energetics, chemistry of coordinated compounds, bioinorganic chemistry, analytical and ecological chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, theoretical chemistry, physiology and biochemistry, zoology, microbiology, botany, geography, ecology, renovation and rational utilization of flora and fauna, physiology of stress, sanocreatology, genetics, medicine, history, linguistics and literature, philosophy, sociology, economics, political sciences, archaeology, ethnography, art, etc.

Training and promotion of scientific personnel of high qualification is one of the basic directions of the Academy of Sciences. Researchers are trained in 17 fields of science, including 80 scientific specialties. Annually, more than 50 graduate students are promoted and they continue their activity in scientific research institutes and in higher education institutes, economical sphere, financial-banking sphere and central and local public administration bodies.

A special attention is paid to the extension and improvement of the relations of collaboration with local universities, profile ministries and departments, respective agreements being concluded and the forms of cooperation being diversified.

One of the strategic priorities of the A.S.M. activity is the development and consolidation of scientific international relations, maintenance of bilateral relations with the Academy of Sciences and scientific organizations from many countries, agreements of scientific collaboration being concluded and actions of integration in the European scientific sphere and in world scientific community being promoted. Annually, tenth and hundreds of researchers are delegated to other countries by the institutes of the Academy and scientists from other countries are coming to the Academy. Very fruitful is the collaboration with such international institutions as: ALLEA, INTAS, UNESCO, IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), NATO Scientific Committee, etc. Lately, agreements of collaboration were concluded or renewed with the Romanian Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Sciences from Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarusi, Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Russian Federation, Academies of Agricultural and Forest Sciences of Romania and Ukraine, Fund of Fundamental Researches and Humanities Scientific Fund of Russian Federation. The Academy of Sciences of Moldova is a member of IAAS (International Association of the Academies of Sciences) and of ICSU (International Council of Scientific Unions).