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Characterization of ionosphere waveguide propagation, by monitoring HAARP HF transmissions in Antarctica

A new system for monitoring changes in the Earth’s environment caused by our civilization’s technological activity has been developed by the Institute of Radio Astronomy, NASU.
Yampolskiy Yuriy Moiseevich, Corr. Member of NASU
Organization: Institute of Radio Astronomy, NASU
(+380-57) 7203462
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A Novel Gas Turbine Blade Film Cooling Concept In Which The Film Naturally Oscillates

The film cooling is the primary cooling technique employed in the gas turbine engineering to protect externally turbine blades operating at high gas temperatures (over 1,500K). At these flow conditions the coolant amount becomes so great, that associated pressure losses are comparable with achieved cooling effect or even exceed it. To reduce pressure losses the designers increase number of cooling rows (up to 5) leading to the wall temperature non-uniformity and surface cracks appearance.

Advanced Technologies Experiment (Atex) Spacecraft



The ATEX (Advanced Technologies EXperiment) missions of microspacecraft is technically (on a level of a range of sub-systems and preliminary design stage) developed for conducting of a wide spectrum of investigation / research works in LEO, MEO and radiation/van Allen belts of the Earth. The main investigations and experiments are concerned to electric-jet propulsions which are placed on the opposite sides of the spacecraft and have direct power supply from solar panels.

Development Of Concept, Design And Engineering Realization Of Basic Systems For Space Vehicle Air Launching From Aircraft Of Ruslan, Mriya Type


Yuzhnoye State Design Office as prime developer together with O.K. Antonov ASTC and other organizations of Ukraine is enable to realize Project for Aerospace Launch System. The project involves the following two work phases. In the first phase general ideas are developed and integrated studies are underway in various criteria for a number of concepts of the aerospace launch system (ALS). At the moment, problems of analy-sis and synthesis of principles of building and op-eration of a system for space launch vehicle air launching from carrier aircraft of Ruslan, Mriya type are primarily solved. An analysis of the appli-cability of aircrafts from abroad is also intended to create heritage for international unification of ALS and its elements with respect to aircraft type. In-ternational cooperation is also possible in analysis of launch vehicle versions.

Paste-like propellant rocket propulsion

General view of artistic and real PRM

The Paste-like Propellant Rocket Propulsion (or PRM) works are conducted in new direction of rocket engine-building development of propulsions using unitary (fuel+oxidizer into one tank) paste-like propellant (non-hardened solid propellant) with its pressure feeding into combustion chamber.
Organization: The Laboratory of Advanced Jet Propulsion
Address: #41, Budivel’nykiv str. Dnipropetrovsk, 49008, Ukraine
+ 38 056 716 7861, Fax: + 38 056 716 7861
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Advanced Materials And Structures For Long-Term Space Operations

A new technology has been introduced for development of materials and structures with special properties for a long-term operation in orbit as well as for modification of existing materials by unique properties providing resistance to the space environment factors, such as radiation, vacuum ultraviolet, electromagnetic radiation, thermal cycles and atomic oxygen.Special unique equipment is available which allows to ascertain the materials resistance on the ground.

Advanced One-Stage EB-PVD Coatings For Aerospace and Gasmturbine Applications


Electron beam technology and equipment are developed for one-stage deposition of functional graded coatings with the use of a composite ceramic ingot for evaporation. This technology allows replacing the flat interface between metal and ceramic layers with a graded transition zone and achieving good adhesion of the coating to the substrate. The composite ingot incorporates the program of evaporation and deposition of a graded coating

Engine For General Applications Internal Combustion Turbine (Itc)

It is succeeded to implement the advantages of different types ( piston, rotary, gas-turbine ones) engines in one construction, excluding their specific demerits. The main following advantages of the proposed engine:

  • In different transport means of air, water and land application.
  • As a power unit in generators; agricultural machinery; motor pumps and so on.
  • Hand tools.

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