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Intelligent Information Technologies for Geospatial Data Processing and Delivery


Information technologies for geospatial remote sensing, modeling and sensor data processing have been developed. Common Grid-enabled framework for geospatial data acquisition, processing, delivery and advanced visualization have been developed and deployed in Space Research Institute of NASU-NSAU. Intelligent information technologies were delivered to production real-world applications of flood monitoring (neural networks), yield prediction (support vector machines), crop area estimation (regression and machine learning methods), crop classification (support vector machines, neural networks, state of the art segmentation with machine learning algorithms) and others.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • Production-grade framework for geospatial data acquisition, processing, delivery and visualization;
  • Information technologies for Grid infrastructure integration (Globus Toolkit 4, gLite 3.1, ARC 0.6+ middleware);
  • Advanced geospatial data acquisition and preprocessing technologies (multi-tier geospatial data storage system, fault tolerant satellite data receiving technologies, metadata analysis technologies);
  • Information technologies for Sensor Web integration;
  • Intelligent methods for geospatial data processing;
  • Advanced technologies for geospatial data delivery (OGC WMS/WCS integration, KML/KMZ publishing, SOS interfaces);
  • Advanced distributed visualization technologies in Web, Grid and service-oriented environments.

Areas of Application

Proposed technologies are used in decision support systems for disaster management, environment monitoring and agro-ecological applications.

  • Certification of coherent and non-coherent laser sources;
  • Measurements of laser beam power characteristics in scientific and medical applications.

Stage of Development

Proposed information technologies are delivered in 10+ national and international completed and on-going research projects. More details are available on

Contact Details

Space Research Institute National Academy and National Space Agency of Ukraine (SRI NAS and NSA of Ukraine)
Contact person: Nataliia Kussul
Address: 40, korp. 4/1, Acad. Glushkov prosp., MSP, 03680, Kiev, Ukraine
Tel.: (+380 44) 526 2553
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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