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Home Aerospace & Aeronautics Field Spectrometer for Remote Sensing of Vegetation State

Field Spectrometer for Remote Sensing of Vegetation State


The field spectrometer consists of two blocks – optical and computing. The optical block is a two-cannel spectrometer with high resolution, adjusted to measurements under field conditions. Except for measuring and basic channels the device is equipped with a channel of visualization for supervision of a site which is measured. Results of measurements in a digital form are recorded on a flash card or can be transferred to the computing block for accumulation in a database. The device is supplied with detectors of temperature, irradiance and the GPS-receiver for determining of geographical coordinates of a site where measurements are carried out. All these service data are registered together with a measured spectrum. A developed software WINCHL has two channels for processing of the data transferred from optical block – user's (subsystem USWHL) and for scientific purpose.

Technical characteristics

  • spectral range – 520-800 nm;
  • band-pass – 2-3 nm;
  • field of vision – 16x160;
  • time of measurement of one spectrum –0,1-1 s;
  • level of own noise does not exceed 0,1 % from a scale of the device;
  • range of measured concentrations of chlorophyll – 1,5-8,0 mg/dm2;
  • voltage power – 6 V;
  • capacity no more than 4,5 W;
  • sizes – 310 х 235 х 200 mm;
  • weight (without a support) – 8 kg.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • Chlorophyll and nitrogen estimation;
  • Two-channels noise compensation;
  • Validation and calibration of aerospace data;
  • Vegetation indexes estimation;
  • Robust models of plants state;
  • Intelligent algorithms & software.

Areas of Application

Agriculture, validation, calibration, ecology and education.

Contact Details

Space Research Institute National Academy and National Space Agency of Ukraine (SRI NAS and NSA of Ukraine)
Contact person: Dr. Vitaliy Yatsenko
Address: 40, korp. 4/1, Acad. Glushkov prosp., MSP, 03680, Kiev, Ukraine
Tel./Fax: (+380 44) 526 4124
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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