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Home Aerospace & Aeronautics Research of the dynamics of non-synchronous space tethered elevator

Research of the dynamics of non-synchronous space tethered elevator


The invention carbon nanotubes at the end of the last century, which are stronger of steel in 100 times at density about 1.5 g/sm3, and going of technology of their manufacture on the industrial basis has resulted to that many of projects of the past, seeming before as a fantasy, find real pattern. The nonsynchronous space lift supposed by Moravec in 1977 concerns to such projects namely. Known researches in this area are limited by calculation of economic parameters and parameters of stationary modes. It is insufficient for the answer to a question about capability of realization of such a system. Series of purposeful researches of the dynamics and motion stability of such system are necessary.

The objective of proposed research: Elaboration and development of the mathematical models and methods of research the dynamics and of the scenarios of use of extended rotating space tethered systems for determination of possibilities of their creation on basis of known and modern nanomaterials and use for transport operations in regions “Aerolimit - Earth orbits”, “Earth - Earth orbits”, “Low orbits – high orbits”, “Earth – Earth”.

It is supposed to conduct researches for such systems in the following directions:

  • to investigate the dynamics of systems in view of interaction of translational and rotary motions and perturbations from celestial bodies and force fields;
  • to define possibilities of active control of motion of systems in magnetic and gravitational fields and ways of stabilization of their angular motion;
  • to investigate the aerodynamic, electromagnetic, gravitational stability and stability to a solar pressure;
  • to investigate vibrating stability and to define ways of damping of oscillations;
  • to define stability in view of danger of meteoric and debris damage of a tether;
  • to develop methods of orientation and stabilization of motion of bodies of a tether;
  • to develop models and techniques of natural experimental researches;
  • to analyze technological problems of creation of the basic modules and units of such systems;
  • to elaborate recomendations practical realization of the nonsynchronous space elevator.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Novelty consists in construction of the scientific substantiation of a capability of creation of the nonsynchronous space elevator on the basis of an indepth analysis of its dynamics, stability and a controllability. Possibility of creation of the non-synchronous space elevator confirmed theoretically opens a way to its realization and to resulting significant reducing of launch-to-orbit costs (around $100/kg) and inexpensive ways of transportation of cargo from one point of the Earth to another, from one orbit to another.

Areas of Application

Use for transport operations in areas "Upper atmosphere - Earth orbits", "Earth - Earth orbits", "Low orbits - high orbits", "Earth – Earth". Removal of space debris.

1. Lifting of payload on orbit and debris evacuation
2. Lifting of payload on orbit and debris evacuation in two or more stages

3. Transportation of payload from one point of the Earth to another
4. Increase of spacecraft's orbit with help of debris evacuation on lower orbit(one of a way)

Stage of Development

Earth orbits are determined, the problem of redistribution of energy in resonant modes of motion is investigated.

Contact Details

Timoshenko Institute of mechanics NAS of Ukraine
Contact person: Zakrzhevskii Alexandr Evgenievich
Address: 3, Petra Nesterova Street, Kiev, 03057, Ukraine
Phone: 38044-5170244, 38044-4547725
Fax: 38044-5170244
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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