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Spacecraft tethered gravitational stabilization system


It is proposed the project for the gravitational stabilization system of satellite attitude motion using the tether instead of a rigid boom. The use of a tethered connection is intriguing as it could be used to increase the distance between a satellite and a stabilizing payload up to some kilometers, 2-3 order more than a length of the rigid boom. The restoring moment of a gradient of gravitational forces is increased respectively.

Basic problem of creation of tethered gravitational stabilization system is small bending rigidity of a tether and impossibility of transfer through it the moments of forces, including damping. For the solution of this problem in projects of tethered stabilization system is offered to use active damping devices which technical realization is insufficiently proved. Integration of a spherical joint in the system allows creating dissipative moments needed for damping satellite oscillation.

The system proposed makes it possible to increase the accuracy of a satellite passive orientation, thus lowering the cost of the system. This effect is essential to building small satellites which currently are widely used. Introduction of control moments in the system will build a new generation of satellite high-accuracy orientation systems offering advantages over the orientation systems using flywheels. There is a good chance of synthesizing more efficient control algorithms with lesser power consumption and without high-frequency vibrations. Advantageous realization of the project provides a way of building a new satellite platform with improved characteristics of orientation. To commercialize the result it is necessary to conduct advantageous experimental studies.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

In comparison with conventional systems with rigid booms:
­ - Have smaller weight;
- ­ Allow to increase essentially restoring moment of gravitational forces (at 4-6 orders);
­ - A capability of introduction of the active control moments.

In comparison with the other stabilization systems using flexible connections: use a hinge instead of technically not enough proved active dampers. In the perspective: capability of creation of new satellite platform with the improved characteristics of orientation.

Areas of Application

  • Systems of satellites attitude control;
  • Stabilization of endbodies of space tethered systems.

Stage of Development

Prefeasibility study.

Contact Details

Name of organization: Institute of Technical Mechanics NAS of Ukraine & NSA of Ukraine
Contact person: Dmitry A. Khramov
Address: Leshko-Popel str, 15, 49600, Dnipripetrovsk-5, Ukraine
Telephone: 380-0562-472438
Fax: 380-0562-472522
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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