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Unmanned transport reusable airbornemspace vehicle


Unmanned transport reusable airborne-space vehicle (ASV) "Sura" is designed for launching into near Earth orbit and as a reentry vehicle for satellites and other payloads. It is a two-staged vehicle. Full weight is 48–50 tons, full thrust of air feed and liquid propellant jet engines (LPJE) is 61.1–70 tons, length – 17 m, wings span – 14 m, height – 6.6 m.

The first stage can be used in autonomous mode as a cargo sub-orbital plane. The second stage – as a space ship, i. e. for interplanet flights and also for flights in the atmosphere of Solar system planets. The second stage contains a cargo module. Body of the module can be moved for launching and reentry of Earth satellites.

For further flight in the atmosphere the body is moved back to its place. During reentry with cosmic speeds and flights on a chosen trajectory, the thermal protection shields prevent overheating.

Unmanned maximal quick responsive option allows reducing transitive processes time up to minutes, seconds and microseconds. Application of produced serially air-feed engines and LPJE makes it possible to reduce time of development by three times, as compared to analogues, and to cut cost of development by two times (for example, in comparison with Russian project TU-2000).

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Special constructional features of ASV construction are the following:

  • plane stages have modular construction;
  • there are no aerodynamic control elements;
  • flight control is realized by LPJE;
  • an advantage of the atmosphere is used (wing lifting force and oxidizer – oxygen);
  • the principle of a "mortar" launching for staging and orbiting the payload is applied.

ASV construction features allow reducing spacelaunching cost. Expected specific cost index of launching for 300 km height and 300 kg cargo weight is $1000 per one kg.

Areas of Application

  • launching of commercial communication satellites to the near Earth orbit;
  • space research and remote Earth sounding.

Fig. 1 Picture of the dimensional model of twoMstaged airborne-space vehicle

Stage of Development

Conceptual development at the stage of construction patenting in Ukraine.

Contact Details

Organization: State Enterprise "Production Association Southern Machine-Building Plant named after A. M. Makarov"
Address: Krivorozhskaya st. 1, Dnepropetrovsk, 49008, Ukraine
Contact person: Vladimir Kukushkin, Doctor of technical Science
tel.: +38-056-744-96-94
fax: +38-056-744-96-97
cellular phone: +38-050-440-04-27
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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