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Ukrainian Aeronautics.
Research and Technology Groups Brochure.


Ukraine is one of the nine countries possessing the whole cycle of aerospace products design and manufacturing. Research, engineering and production capabilities generated over the decades ensure its strong position in aeronautics world.

Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing industry is leaded by the aviation design bureau Antonov ASTC while the SE Ivchenko-Progress and the Motor Sich JSC are well known as Ukrainian airplane and helicopter engines design and manufacturing enterprises. There are also several dozens of research institutes and universities that are deeply involved in aeronautics-related research and developments.

However, awareness of Ukraine’s strength in aeronautic Research & Technology (R&T) is still comparatively low in Europe. Consequently, there exists a rich and timely opportunity for Ukrainian aeronautics organizations and their R&T activities to be presented collectively. Today we are happy to welcome you to the Ukrainian Aeronautics Research & Technology Groups Brochure that describes Ukrainian organisations’ key achievements and current research in the aeronautic field.

The first issue of this Bochure was perepared under the FP7 AERO-UKRAINE project ( aimed to support the participation of Ukrainian research, educational and industrial organizations in EU aeronautics research. Presented and disseminated at the key EU aeronautic events during the 2010-2011 period, this Brochure had facilitated EU awarennes raising on Ukraine aeronautic R&D expertises and capabilities and resulted in several Ukrainian organisations involvement to European collaborative research projects consortiums.

Following this successful strategy, the updated and enlarged second issue of the Ukrainian Aeronautics Research & Technology Groups Brochure has been prepared in the frame of the FP7 KhAI-ERA project ( with a support of the EU FP7 National Contact Point for Transport (incl. Aeronautics) in Ukraine ( We hope you enjoy reading this brochure and find reliable partners among the presented Ukrainian organizations.

We looking forward Ukraine to have strong aeronautics Research & Technology collaboration with European Union.



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