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Home Aerospace & Aeronautics Integrated Analysis Of Off – Nominal And Emergency Situations In Yuzhnoye – Devel-oped Space Launch Vehicles

Integrated Analysis Of Off – Nominal And Emergency Situations In Yuzhnoye – Developed Space Launch Vehicles


Our company, being a leading one in the development of several generations of highly – efficient missile systems and launch vehicles gained a great experience of their development and operation. During the period since the 1960-s till 2004, more than 780 launches of the launch vehicles were conducted, including: COSMOS – 148 launches with a rate of successful launches P = 0.87; COSMOS-2 – 365 launches, P = 0.95; CYCLONE - 8 launches P ~ 1.0; CYCLONE-2 – 105 launches, P ~ 1.0; CYCLONE-3 – 121 launches, P = 0.966; ZENIT – 36 launches, P = 0.853. An important result of this unique experience is accumulation of valuable information on failures and malfunctions of the launch vehicles, their systems and units, which were the sources of off – nominal and emergency situations in the launch vehicles. Some emergency situations that occurred led to the catastrophes, economical damage connected with destruction of launch complexes, losses of costly spacecraft, etc.

The proposed project intended to be developed during 2 years implies an integrated analysis of a large amount of statistic data on off – nominal and emergency situations that occurred during Yuzhnoye – developed launch vehicles prelaunch processing and flight, based on the results of their reasons investigation, their consequences, design, technological and organizational measures directed at elimination of reasons of their repeated occurrence. The integrated analysis of off – nominal situations of the space launch systems (SLS) will allow to reveal the tendencies appearing in SLS development and operation and leading to off – nominal and emergency situations, to propose new types of testing and control, to introduce more effective means of revealing off – nominal situations and eventually, to increase reliability and safety of the developed and operated space rocket hardware. The use of the results of analysis of existing Yuzhnoye's experience in launch vehicle off – nominal and emergency situations is undoubtedly of a great practical value for the SLS developers and for the companies that provide space services.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The project materials present the results of an Integrated Analysis of off – nominal situations based on the statistic data on prelaunch processing and launch of 780 space launch vehicles developed by Yuzhnoye SDO.

Areas of Application

Space rocket industry – development, designing, and operation of space launch systems

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Stage of Development


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