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Light Multi-Purpose 5-Seated Helicopter Of The Category With 2 Internal Combustion Turbines (ICT)

The helicopter has 2 ICT (a new rotary engines) with power 180 h.p. which has weight of 42 kg of our own development.

Billets for gas turbine engine (GTE)

Billets are produced from single crystal alloys on Ni-W basis and single crystals of heat-resistant Ni super-alloys. The billet is formed due to the process of high-gradient direct crystallization. That makes it possible to obtain homogeneous high-dispersed billet’s microstructure which is oriented along the heat-sink direction.

Methods and software tools for creation of high-performance measuring and controlling systems

Fast Exact Solution for Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)

YUZHNOYE SDO scientists and engineers had developed a new approach that provides solving a number of stochastic optimization problems for Linear Dynamic Systems (LDS)

Multi-element thermoelectric microthermopiles for generators powering on-board equipment of spacecrafts

View of the multielement thermoelectric batteries

Diminutive thermoelectric batteries broaden the possibilities to use low-power generators for to space equipment power supply, especially for Far Space. Their terrestrials appliances are as follows: power supply for various alarm and guard systems, autonomous radio equipment. Microbatteries open up the possibility their use for power supply to medical equipment (cardio pacemakers, crioextractors, and thermal massagers). Based on thermoelectric microbatteries small compact supply energy sources can be created, having specific characteristics higher than those of chemical sources.

Long-Wave Radiation Receiver For Systems Of Orientation Of Space Equipment By The Earth Horizon

The detector provides high sensitivity in the long-wave spectrum without the use of cooling systems. The detector can work without measured flow modulation Resistance to space radiation during a long period of time Subjection to direct solar radiation on the receiving pad has no “dazzling” effect. The detector is capable of working over a wide temperature range, when subject to high-intensity acoustic influence, when subject to vibration influence over a wide frequency range. Resistance to the influence of single and repeated shocks.

Measurement of earth gravitational field with the help of satellite navigation systems

EGNOS GEO Satellites

The main purpose of the project is creation of a system of Earth gravitational field continuous monitoring.

Micromodules for lowmpower thermoelectric generators with radioisotope heat source for interplanetary space equipment


The operating principle of thermoelectric micromodules is based on the use of thermoelectromotive forces arising in semiconductor thermocouples. Special attention is paid to micromodules reliability.

Nanosatellite for electromagnetic measurements

Nanosatellite for electromagnetic measurements

Nanosatellite is a new super-inexpensive mobile instrument for electromagnetic environment study near International Space Station (ISS). Carefully developed conception of the instrument based on the cheap industrial single-board computer PC-104 with open operational system LINUX and low-power sensors with high metrological characteristics

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