Technologies available for licensing, investment, joint ventures and R&D contracts in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan

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Particularly reliable thermoelectric cooling modules for use in space-purpose products

The modules are intended for providing the necessary temperature modes in space and household cooling products, airconditioners, other goods and devices.

Service in the Area of Rocket and Space Engineering

Scientific and technological assistance of launchers and spacecraft development;
Theoretical and experimental research of processes in rocket and space objects elements;

Development of Precision Intelligent Systems of Autonomous Navigation and Attitude Control of Space Vehicles under Uncertainty Conditions: Mathematical Methods, Software and Modeling Means

In the work the actual problems concerned to creation the reliable software for high-precision control systems of the modern and perspective spacecrafts (SC) on the basis of new achievements in control theory are developed.

Field Spectrometer for Remote Sensing of Vegetation State

The field spectrometer consists of two blocks – optical and computing. The optical block is a two-cannel spectrometer with high resolution, adjusted to measurements under field conditions.

Prospecting mineral resources with the help of geophysical microsatellite data

Geophysical Microsatellite

In homogeneities and anomalies in the structures of Earth gravitational and magnetic fields may testify to availability of mineral resources deposits. With the help of laser radar stations, it is intended to perform remote trajectory measurements of geophysical microsatellite orbital parameters and to calculate on their basis the Earth gravitational field parameters. For this purpose, on satellite board, the corner reflectors and three-axis accelerometer will be installed to take into account the action of non-gravitational disturbances on SC.

High-Selection Integrated Filters on the Basis of HTSC-Films for Microwave Receivers of Satellite and Cellular Communication Systems, Radiolocation and Radioastronomy

High-selection microwave integrated filters on the basis of high-temperature superconductors (HTSC) YBCO-films.

Intelligent Information Technologies for Geospatial Data Processing and Delivery

Information technologies for geospatial remote sensing, modeling and sensor data processing have been developed. Common Grid-enabled framework for geospatial data acquisition, processing, delivery and advanced visualization have been developed and deployed in Space Research Institute of NASU-NSAU. Intelligent information technologies were delivered to production real-world applications of flood monitoring (neural networks), yield prediction (support vector machines), crop area estimation (regression and machine learning methods), crop classification (support vector machines, neural networks, state of the art segmentation with machine learning algorithms) and others.

Ionosphere Exploration





Satellite constellation proposed for IONOSAT mission


IONOSAT mission is included into Ukrainian National Space Program on 2008-2012, is also proposed for the First European Space Program, Space Weather Program and GMES.

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