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Forecasting the Geomagnetic Activity

A forecast example

We have developed the software for real-time forecasting of geomagnetic indices, which uses readily available data from ACE and a number of ground stations. We are able to predict a geomagnetic storm 2-3 hours before commencement with 94.1% correlation and very low false alarm rate. The typical elapsed time per forecast is a few seconds on an average PC. The proposed system can also be useful for investigating of physical phenomena related to interactions between the solar wind and the magnetosphere – it has already helped uncovering two new geoeffective parameters.

Research and prediction of a state of population health and influence to it of the factors of solar activity




The informational technology of data processing about such vector statistical metric of population health of defined region as a daily amount of calls of the ambulance in connection with peaking some types of diseases is offered. For it the data about calls of the ambulance, classed in types of diseases (no-zologes) according to an International Statistical Classification of Illnesses are used.

Research of the dynamics of non-synchronous space tethered elevator

The invention carbon nanotubes at the end of the last century, which are stronger of steel in 100 times at density about 1.5 g/sm3, and going of technology of their manufacture on the industrial basis has resulted to that many of projects of the past, seeming before as a fantasy, find real pattern.

Space environment simulator

Cryogenic and aerospace equipment is exploited in complicated and unfavorable environmental conditions caused by Solar irradiation

Ratio of the confidence bounds of the object coordinates determined using the CMM (εCMM) and the LSM (εLSM)

Determination of the state of a ground object from navigation satellite data

The proposed technology is based on a new method of statistical manipulation of measurement data arrays – the consistent measurements method (CMM).

Shapes without separation and cavitation

The pressure distribution over the surface is the main reason of separation.

Smart materials for mobile units of space vehicle

Two classes of materials for mobile units of space vehicles are offered.

Technique for digital space images quality restoration by inverse filtering

The lot of remote sensing satellite systems produces and transmits to the Earth the various digital space images for the nature sources control and monitoring.

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