Technologies available for licensing, investment, joint ventures and R&D contracts in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan

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Spacecraft tethered gravitational stabilization system

It is proposed the project for the gravitational stabilization system of satellite attitude motion using the tether instead of a rigid boom.

Thermoelectric system of urine regeneration under conditions of long space flight

Water regeneration system consisting of thermoelectric heat pump and centrifugal distilling apparatus is intended for the desalination of salt water during long sea and geological expeditions, or for the regeneration of sanitary-hygiene water (urine) under space flight conditions.

Ukrainian Aeronautics.
Research and Technology Groups Brochure.

Ukraine is one of the nine countries possessing the whole cycle of aerospace products design and manufacturing. Research, engineering and production capabilities generated over the decades ensure its strong position in aeronautics world.

Technology of numerical modelling of processes in rocket based combined-cycle (RBCC)

A technique of numerical simulations of the flow through internal space of an engine is used for mathematical models of rocket based combined cycle engines. The equations of the inviscial combustible gas presented as integral ones form the basis for building the finite-difference model. The difference model is built using the finite-volume method. Flows are approximated using the 2-nd order accuracy expressions and the principle of total variation decreasing (TVD principle). Based on used mathematical models with a various configuration of the partitioning mesh, the results of numerical simulations with experimental data.

Unmanned transport reusable airbornemspace vehicle

Unmanned transport reusable airborne-space vehicle (ASV) "Sura" is designed for launching into near Earth orbit and as a reentry vehicle for satellites and other payloads.

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