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Field Investigation Of The Parameters Of Earth Surface, Atmosphere, And Sea Surface Us-ing Earth Radar Sensing Spacecraft With Synthetic Antenna

Determination of detailed topography, vertical and horizontal small deformations (millimeters and first centimeters) of Earth surface using the interferometer processing of images obtained with the help of a radar with synthetic antenna (SAR) of ERS and ENVISAT spacecraft to reveal preliminary signs of geodynamic activity. Synchronous comparison of images from SAR and ENVISAT with measurements of atmos-pheric and sea surface parameters.

High-Performance Titanium Of Mem Technology For Aeroengines


Magnetically-controlled electroslag melting (MEM) is designed for producing round and slab ingots of multi-component high-strength and burn-resistant alloys of titanium. Specifics of MEM technology, as compared with traditional VAR, is the use of a reactive slag pool and electromagnetic control of melt movement in slag and metal pools; protection of a metallurgical pool and consumable electrode by inert gas chamber from metal interaction with harmful atmospheric gases.

Investigation Of Seismic Activity Based On Geophysical Spacecraft Data

Inhomogeneities and anomalies in the structures of Earth gravitational and magnetic fields may testify to earthquake precursors. With the help of laser radar stations, it is intended to perform remote trajectory measurements of geophysical micro satellite orbital parameters and to calculate Earth gravitational fields parameters on their basis. For this purpose, corner reflectors and a three-axis accelerometer will be installed on micro satellite board to take into account the action of non-gravitational disturbances on SC.

Integrated Analysis Of Off – Nominal And Emergency Situations In Yuzhnoye – Developed Space Launch Vehicles

The proposed project intended to be developed during 2 years implies an integrated analysis of a large amount of statistic data on off – nominal and emergency situations that occurred during Yuzhnoye – developed launch vehicles prelaunch processing and flight, based on the results of their reasons investigation, their consequences, design, technological and organizational measures directed at elimination of reasons of their repeated occurrence.

Filtered Vacuum-Arc Plasma Source For High Quality Coatings

Developed a cathodic vacuum arc plasma source with a magnetic filter that turns the plasma stream 90°. T-shaped plasma duct with a system of intercepting screens and fins provides a significantlly higher degree of absorption of macroparticles when compared to conventional "torroidal" filters (more than an order of magnitude). A small ratio of curvature radius of the plasma duct to its inner radius, a large diameter of the plasma guiding channel (200 mm), and an optimal geometry of transporting magnetic fields ensure a high throughput of the filter - up to 55 %. Filtered plasma source proposed may be used in new vacuum-arc industrial setups for the ion plasma processing of mate-rials including deposition of high quality coatings.

In-Orbit Docking Device

The project implies the development of an in-orbit docking device intended for spacecraft docking with upper stage. The use of the device is implied by concept "Double Launch" for spacecraft injection into geostationary orbit. The concept "Double Launch" assumes two parallel launches of the launch vehicles one of which injects into reference orbit the upper stage, and another – the spacecraft. After their docking in the reference orbit, the upper stage puts the spacecraft into geostationary orbit.

Investigation Of The Effect Of Geophysical Fields On Psycophysiological Condition Of People Using Geophysical Microsatellite Data

Based on comparison of geophysical fields parameters measured with the help of geophysical microsatellite with on-ground observation of people, especially sick ones, the regularities of these fields effect on psycophysiological condition of people will be revealed and recommendations on reduction of negative effects will be developed.

Jet Devices For Quick Cooling And Cryogenic Fuel Components Sludge Obtaining

Jet device small sizes removes а restriction on its placement on the cryogenic systems and repeated using of the highly explosive fuel components, for example, liquid hydrogen.

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