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Experimental Industrial Plant of the Institute of Petro-Chemical Processes

General Information

The Experimental-industrial plant (EIP) of the Institute for Petroleum Chemical Processes of the Azerbaijan Republic National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) is a unique experimental enterprise in the Azerbaijan Republic and in the neighbouring countries. The plant has a wide range of activities and more than 50 years of experimental-industrial research and developmental experience.

Focus and expertise

The major objectives of the plant are:

  • The application of state-of-the-art technology in experimental-industrial scale processes.
  • On the basis of direct procurement agreements manufacture and realization of pilot batch of various types of chemical and petroleum chemical products.
  • Construction and erection of new installations, their rehabilitation, upgrading, manufacturing of non-standard equipment and other works.

Being a research facility of the ANAS, the Institute for Petroleum Chemical Processes introduces into production, new scientific developments. Almost all of the major oil refining processes, introduced at Baku oil processing plants, (cold de-waxing, selective, acid-contact, hydro-fining, catalytic transformations: catalytic cracking of petroleum products etc.) have been prior tested and validated at pilot and experimental-industrial installations of this plant.

Starting in 2003 the plant has extended its scientific / technical relations and currently has positive interactions with a number of institutes in Azerbaijan, including; Institute on Geology, Institute on Physics, Institute on Botany, Institute on Chemical Problems, Institute of Polymeric Materials, Oil Academy of the Azerbaijan Republic, National Academy of Aviation etc. Together with these institutes and numerous international organizations, "state-of-the-art" technological processes, as well as a range of unique pilot and experimental installations are being developed.

EIP has an Agreement with the Institute of Problems of Materials Science of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Through this Agreement, novel technologies were developed for obtaining "fullerene containing polyether-urethane coatings" - a new class of polyether-urethane coatings based on carbon nanostructures. This polymer nano-composite has been successfully introduced in drilling for reduction of paraffin and scales. For the third year experiments have been conducted on well tubes /oil-well tubing (OWT) that are internally coated by the polymer nano-composite. Coating with polymer nano-composite increases overhaul service life period of the well (4 times). In addition, the novel nano-coating reduced the coefficient of friction on the inside of the pipe, increases traverse (movement) speed in the pipe, resulting in increased production capacity of well (2 times). EIP created an experimental site at the plant's area and built a pilot installation; positive appreciation about this installation has been given by "Antonov Design "of Ukraine. After second experiment as per Commission act, issued to PA of "Azneft", at OWT (oil-well tubing) pipelines paraffin scaling was reduced by 50%. Experiments in this direction are being continued. If further testing is successful, the plant intends to secure an order for producing and applying of polymer nano-composite. Currently, paraffin appears at "Azeri", "Guneshli" and "Chirag" oil fields. The nano-composite can also be used in the pipelines for transportation of crude oil.

Pilot unit of the production of the carbon nanomaterials

Unit Of the deasphaitizatlon of oil's and another
oil products by used of carbon dioxide in critical

Partnership opportunities

Another direction of EIP activity is the introduction of nanotubes. Basis for obtaining polymer nano-composite serves polyether-urethane varnish (PU-varnish).

Currently, EIP is working on developing technology for obtaining coatings for use as a lightning arrester. On the basis of PU- varnish and single-layer nanotubes, polymer nano-composite is formed, which can be used at navigation equipment and on aircrafts. Polymer nano-composite, created on the basis of nanotubes, gives opportunity for lightning arrest not only for navigation equipment but also the whole hull of the airplane.

This work is being carried out in partnership with:

  • The Engineering Academy of Sciences of the Azeri Republic.
  • The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
  • Antonov Design Department.

A third direction of ElP's activity is the development of novel ferro- magnetic polymer nano-composite in cooperation with the Ukraine's scientists. And basis for this again serves PU- varnish and ferro- magnetic nanoparticles, immobilized into carbon matrix. Ferro- magnetic polymer nano-composite makes an airplane into "an invisible" object. It may be used for pilotless vehicles and reconnaissance aircrafts. This process is being worked on.

In addition to the above, scientists at EIP together with their Ukrainian colleagues have for the first time developed technologies for defining amount, quality and production of fullerene by a novel method. Patent filing is pending. Joint projects with the Ukrainian company "KHADO" are realized, that sells nano products of 103 names. We have opened Baku representation of "KHADO", accomplish joint scientific-experimental works and introduce their products in AP. Together with Ukrainian scientists, EIP is also engaged in development of new metallic-hydride filler for accumulation and delivery of hydrogen.

Contact Details

Nariman Farman oglu Javadov, Director, Dr. Sc., Prof.
Phone: (994 12) 4760211
Fax: (994 12) 4760377
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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