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Institute of Chemistry of Additives, ANAS

General Information

The Institute of Chemistry of Additives (ICA) was founded in 1965 based on the laboratory of the Kuibyshev AzNII NP headed by academician A.M.Guliyev and functioning since 1945. Later AzNII NP was transformed into the Institute of Petrochemical Processes of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. At present there are 14 laboratories and 2 departments with a staff of about 245 at the Institute. Among them there are 15 doctors of sciences, including 2 academicians and 43 candidate of sciences.

The scientific activity of the Institute highly evaluated by International organizations. For attainable success in the field of quality, scientific innovation and new technology "Initiative Directions of Business" in 2001-2003 Institute of Chemical Additives consistently was decorated by medals "Gold Category", "Platinum Category" and "Brilliant Category".

The preparatory Committee of XXXV International prize "For leadership and Enterprise prestige" in collaboration with "Club of Trade Leaders 2005" awarded the Institute by this prize. This decision was based on information of 7000 members of "Club of Trade Leaders" from 112 countries. Director of the Institute, corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan V.M.Farzaliyev with the gold badge Management of global quality" was also rewarded.

Institute’s Focus

The main areas of activity of the ICA are development of scientific bases for synthesizing additives of various functional actions, improving the operational properties of lubricating oils, fuels and special fluids; technology of their preparation and elucidation of new sources of raw materials related to their production, conduction of fundamental researches on the rational utilization of the existing resources. Among main scientific achievements made over the last five years there are synthesis of various additives possessing high antioxidant, anticorrosive, detergent-dispersing, antis cuffing, antiwar, viscous and other properties and preventing also biodamage; an action mechanism of some synthesized additives, the relationship between their composition structure and functional properties.

Valuable Technology Offerings

  • Developing multifunctional alkylphenolate additives to motor oils (AKI-114, AKI-130)
  • Developing multifunctional sulfonate additives to motor oils (ИХП-306, ИХП-202)
  • Developing antismoke additive ИХП-706 (Ca, Ba)
  • M-16ИХП-3 motor oil created on the basis of Baku oils and new additives for specialty diesel engines
  • Regeneration of used oils
  • Developing a number of new motor oils of group "B2" and "Г2"

Scientific Cooperation and Technology Transfer

The Institute collaborates with State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), Baku State University, Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, Technical University. The Institute participates in international cooperation with a number of academic institutions in Europe and USA (Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarusian, Germany, USA). The Institute has participated in a number of scientific projects funded by the STCU, CRDF. ICA collaborates with international departments and institutes:

  • Barinov Central Institute of Air-Engine Building (Russia, Moscow)
  • Scientific-research Institute of Oil Processing (Russia, Moscow)
  • Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after Gubkin (Russia, Mocsow)
  • Scientific-Research Institute “MASMA” (Ukraine)
  • The Institute of Chemistry of New Materials (Belarus)
  • Frankfurt University, The Institute of Mineralogy (Germany)
  • Gas Technology Institute, Environmental Science &Forensic Chemistry Center (USA)
  • Texas A & M University (USA)
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA)
  • Department of Chemistry, University of Maine (USA)

Contact Details

Vagif Mejid Farzaliyev, Director, Academician
Adress: Beyuk-Shore Highway, Block 2062, Az 1029, Baku
Phone: (994 12) 5149654
Fax: (994 12) 5149610
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Babayev Elbek, Chief Technology Commercialization Officer
Phone: (99455)776 15 25
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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