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The Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

The Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) is the main scientific organization in the Azerbaijan Republic. The ANAS was founded in 1945 in Baku city, the capital of the Azerbaijan Republic.

At present a big number of proposals on cooperation keep coming to the Academy from the member countries of NATO. The proposal on Azerbaijan"s participation in programmes funded by the International Centre of Science and Technology backed by the State Department of the US Government deserves special attention. The Presidium of the Academy has taken a decision on further development of Internet service at the Academy. The Academic computer network provides free service to more than 200 users from all Academic and Higher Education Institutions and some government agencies and has very well developed infrastructure. Thanks to this 24-hour service, the scientist working at the Academy have an opportunity to access various sources of information and stay abreast of all latest developments in science and technology worldwide.

At the General Meeting held at the Academy on July 05, 2001 the issues of restructuring and some other organizational issues were considered. According to the decision taken at the Meeting the Sections of Social Sciences, Literature, Philology and Arts were integrated into one Section of Humanitarian and Social Sciences.

In accordance with Decree No. 81 of May 21, 2002 issued by the Cabinet of Ministers a restructuring was made to the research base of the Academy as well.

The Sector of Radiological Research was transformed into Institute of Radiation Problems. The Information-Telecommunication Scientific Centre was re-organized into Institute of Information Technology. The main field of activity for the Institute of Radiation Problems was defined as a development of radiation-based technologies, research of problems of radiation security, radio-ecology, ecology and research of non-traditional sources of energy. For the Institute of Information Technology the main areas of activity were defined as a research and development of information security systems, development of computer network technologies, creation of intellectual computer networks and systems, informatization of various aspects of scientific and social life. The Presidium of the Academy has taken a number of steps to ensure implementation of reforms aimed at improving the organizational support systems of the Academy, revision of the main lines of research activity, optimisation of training and development of scientific cadre. It also includes increasing of the sense of responsibility on the part of researchers and scientists, increase of productivity of scientific units as well as support functions. In line with this, the scope of research activities and work plans was closely examined and revised. Research work in some areas was terminated due to the loss of its actuality. Some laboratories and departments were liquidated, whilst the others were re-integrated into new ones. Some new laboratories were organized. Revisions and corrections were made to some fundamental documents and policies determining the work and management principles of the Academy.

The Presidium of the Academy developed and approved plans on further intensification of reforms. This was done with aim to increase productivity of scientific research work with further orientation of it towards areas important for the Azerbaijan Republic. The plans also foresee increase of productivity of financial and material assets usage, elimination of parallelism and duplication of efforts, intensification of research processes along with further optimisation of overall organizational structure of the Academy.