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Home Azerbaijan Technologies Technologies to Increase Efficiency of Oil Production Processes on the Basis of Negative Pressure Phenomenon

Technologies to Increase Efficiency of Oil Production Processes on the Basis of Negative Pressure Phenomenon


There have been worked out the technologies on using of the negative pressure phenomenon for increasing the efficiency of oil producing at different well operation methods, cleaning of oil producing and transportation hydraulic systems (well bore, pipeline) from various accumulations.

The negative pressure is one of metastable states of liquid in which it can be extended up to a certain limit without a gap of continuity. There are numerous results of experimental works, mainly of American scientists, in which by providing high degree of purity of a system “liquid-vessel”, there have been reached great values of negative pressure (up to -40MPa) in laboratory conditions. However, these results of the experimental works have not been practically implemented, as real liquids in the Nature and technological processes are multicomponent, “dirty” systems.

On the basis of use of certain kinetic and hydraulic factors we for the first time succeeded to receive experimentally a wave of negative pressure in real liquids, as a crude oil, water, solutions, etc. The wave of negative pressure is a turned soliton wave with one hump that is negative. It is a rather conservative wave, which mainly keeps its shape and dimensions reaching long distances with an acoustic sound velocity. The technology provides generation negative pressure waves in the well using the special mechanisms that leads to the shock depression impact, and as a result, to considerable growth in the oil influx, bottom-hole cleaning, accompanied by essential saving both reservoir and lifting energies, elimination and prevention of sandy bridging, paraffin, silt, water, etc. accumulations.

For implementations of these technologies corresponding installations have been elaborated, in part, equipments for cleaning out of oil holes from sand plugs, increasing of efficiency and effectiveness of gas-lift well operations and bottom- hole pumping.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Elaborated technologies are based on idea of generation of negative pressure waves in real hydraulic systems which gives possibility to create the principally new energy saving technology and convenient installations to increase effectiveness and efficiency of different oil production and transportation processes.

The technologies are more advantageous than existing ones. For example, in cleaning out of oil-holes from sand plugs the most operative and effective liquidation of different sand plugs irrespective of their rheological character is provided, associated with completed bottom-hole cleaning, essential increase of oil recovery and overhaul period. Elaborated equipment is simple and easy to use.

Other comparatively advantageous application of our technology provides increase of efficiency of a gas-lift well operation, expressed in considerable reduction of a specific gas consumption associated with essential increase of oil recovery and overhaul period. Based on a simple mechanism it is easy to use.

Areas of Application

Granular foamglass is a very good filler of the concrete structures, which gives them a lightness, and good thermal properties. It is used in the construction of industrial and civil buildings as well as in rural construction.

Typical waves of Negative Pressure in oil stream.

Stage of Development

Some applications of the technology are completely developed and have passed broad tests in field conditions as a result of which effectiveness and efficiency of oil well operations (gas-lift, rod pumping) were considerably increased, sand plugs of different heights and origin have been eliminated operatively and high effectively. There are other applications that are on either conceptual idea or completed lab tests stages.

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Institute of Geology
Contact person: Prof. Ibrahim S.Guliyev
Address: 29 A, H. Javid Avenue, AZ1143, Azerbaijan, Baku
Tel: (+994 12) 439 5619
Fax: (+994 12) 497 5285
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Azerbaijan State Oil Academy
Contact person: Prof. Fuad H.Veliyev
Tel.: (+994 12) 596 7062
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