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Home Azerbaijan Technologies Electrodischarge Treatment of Natural Adsorbents for Separation Impurities from the Wastewater of Polymeric Enterprises

Electrodischarge Treatment of Natural Adsorbents for Separation Impurities from the Waste Water of Polymeric Enterprises


The basic regularities and physical mechanisms of activation porous synthetic and natural adsorbents by means of no equilibrium electric discharges are revealed. Influence of electric discharges (barrier, torch or corona types) on adsorption process is one of process control facilities. The reason of increase adsorption abilities of adsorbents (clynoptylolite, bentonite clay, zeolite, silicagel) is formation of the charged condition on a surface or in volume of a material under influence of an electric field and the discharge. Efficiency of the electric discharge effect on sorption processes is determined by an opportunity of direct interference in sorption process proceeding, small power consumption, economy and manufacturability.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The opportunity and perspectives of electrodischarge activation the natural and synthetic porous structures for increasing its adsorption properties are established. It is revealed, that at effect of electric discharges in air on a surface of porous adsorbents the formation of a charged condition in a material that leads to essential growth of adsorbents’ adsorption properties is observed.

Areas of Application

Adsorption clearing of waste water including from the ecologically harmful impurities.

Fig. 1 Electrical scheme Electrization of adsorbent samples.

Fig. 2 A thermostimulated current curve definition of the
charge quantity which has been saved in samples.

Stage of Development

Laboratory tested technology of separation impurities from the wastewater using of electrically charged natural adsorbents.

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