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Translucence Coverings for Thermal Receivers and Converters of Electromagnetic Radiation


By theoretical researches of characteristics of reflection of electromagnetic radiation of two- and three-layer flat systems containing in the structure absorbing dielectric substrate from one - or two coverings translucent it from not absorbing material, there is established that in the field of a dispersion of waves of substance of a substrate there are selective values of a thickness of a layer of coverings and frequency of falling radiation at which reflection of radiation from such systems is absent. The equations which define conditions and a frequency strip of full absorption of falling radiation of such system are received. At given values of frequency of falling radiation and corresponding optical properties of substances of a substrate and coverings, they allow to calculate optimum sizes of a thickness of layers of coverings. The possibility of such full, non-reflective absorption of electromagnetic radiation remains also at its falling at an angle on two-layer system. So, at falling of the cross-section-polarised component of radiation (S-wave) full absorption arises at selective values of a thickness of a coat layer and wave falling of translucence angle. In a case of falling of the in parallel-polarised component of radiation (P-wave) full absorption arises already at two selective values of a thickness of a coat layer and two falling angles of a wave: translucence angle and at angle, to a similar corner of Brjuster for transparent environments.

The equations defining a choice of a thickness 11 of a coat layer and an interval of lengths of waves Δλ of a strip of an enlightenment of two-layer system at set sizes of length of a wave λ of falling radiation, refraction factors п and attenuations χ substances of a substrate and refraction factor п1 substances of a translucensed covering. N = 1,2,3, …, Δλ – defines an interval of lengths of waves in which limits the size of the reflected signal does not exceed boundary value of Rгр. technical decision) polaroid for purposeful allocation of a wave of the necessary type of polarisation.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Presence of not absorbing, translucenced coverings at thermal receivers and converters of microwave, infrared and optical wave bands allows to raise their sensitivity and to increase size of absorbed energy because of decrease in the losses, connected with reflection of radiation from a surface of the device.

Areas of Application

Translucence coverings for the microwave and optical receivers of radiation improving their technical and power characteristics. Devices for allocation of components of electromagnetic radiation. Methods of measurement of dielectric properties of liquid and firm substances, including methods of measurement of properties of the putted coverings. Means of protection and recognition of objects of observation.

Stage of Development

Working out of technologies of reception and manufacturing of experimental samples of translucenced coverings for photo detectors.

Contact Details

Institute of Physics
Contact person: Gasimova Sevda Rasim qizi
Address: 33, H. Javid Avenue, AZ1143, Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel./Fax: (994 12) 439 5163
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