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Action of High Electrical Fields on Dielectric Mediums


1. Research of influence of nonequilibrium discharges on the composite materials surface and its components: There are used the semiconducting (coal plastic, coal plastic with glass fabric sublayer) and dielectric (glass fibres, glass-fibre plastic) composite materials. It is elaborated an air reactor of torch discharge on DC (direct voltage) and AC (alternating voltage) for electric discharge modification of the surface of coal plastic and coal plastic with glass fabric sublayer. As a result of that modification the rising of surface energy and work adhesion of materials with respect to coating is observed. Reactor of torch discharge on 28-32 kV is worked. It is used a system electrodes “rod-plane”. It is elaborated a unit from air reactors of torch and barrier discharges for complex treatment of the surface of glass fibres for rising of work adhesion on interphase boundary “glass fibre-epoxy resin”. Reactor of torch discharge consists of 2 torch modules, placed opposite to each other (electrode system “rod-rod”). Reactor works on 30 rV. Reactor of barrier discharge by asymmetrical scheme “wireangle bar” is made up. Reactor works on 10 rV. Firstly, bundle of glass fibres enters on torch discharge zone, then on barrier discharge zone and finally into tank with epoxy resin. After moistening by epoxy the glass fibres directs to draw plate for polymerization.

2. Research of pulsed short front discharges characteristics in solid air (1-5 atm) and in liquid: The experimental assembly consists of high voltage nanosecond pulsed generator by amplitude 40-150 kV, vacuum chamber with different electrode systems (“rodcopperplate”, “rod-metal grid”, “ball-plane”), different constructions of potential electrode with use of dielectric caps. There are investigations of nanosecond pulsed discharges on big overvoltages, detection of factors, influented on characteristics of pulsed discharges; explosive processes on cathode and X-radiation of runaway electrons near cathode and anode; pulsed short front discharges characteristics in water by different electroconductivities for solving of important ecology tasks.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

1. An effective activation method of composite materials surface and its components by nonequilibrium discharges is elaborated. It has the visible advantages in comparison with mechanical, chemical and thermal modification. The main role on rise of surface energy belongs to charging of components and formation of polar groups in surface layer.

2. The mechanism which describes formation of the nonclassical form of discharge in overstrained gas gap with high energy electrons is elaborated.

Areas of Application

1. An electric discharge activation of the surface of coal plastics on DC and AC in torch discharge increases of its work adhesion with respect to coating that is efficiently used in production technology of the space mirrors, satellite antennas.

2. The complex electric discharge modification of glass fibers surface in torch and barrier discharges in glass fibre plastics production is efficiently used.

3. Investigations on high voltage nanosecond pulsed discharges in solid air directs on creation of modern peakers for getting the short fronts on generator output. These pulses can be used in some modern technologies, such as relativistic microwave electronics, superwide radiolocation, getting of powerful electromagnetic pulses, ensuring of electromagnetic compatibility of complex systems, underground radiolocation, air purification, etc.

4. Investigations on high voltage short front pulses in water can be used for water purification from microorganisms (for example E-coli), for water conditioning, waste treatment by power efficient methods.

Fig. 1 Nanosecond pulsed discharges in solid air and nonequilibrium
discharges in air on DC and AC.

Stage of Development

1. The pilot facility by electric discharge activation of composite materials surface and its components during production of profile glass-fibre plastics is elaborated.

2. The pilot facilities by research of high voltage short front pulses in solid air and in water are on development stage.

Contact Details

Institute of Physics
Contact person: Kurbanov Elchin Jalal
Address: 33, H. Javid Avenue, AZ1143, Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel: (994 12) 439 3263;
Fax: (994 12) 447 0456
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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