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Home Azerbaijan Technologies New Ant–Stokes Luminophors and Laser Mediums on the Base of II-III2 - VI4 Typed Wide-Band Chalcogenide Semiconductors Doped by Rare-Earth Elements

New Anti – Stokes Luminophors and Laser Mediums on the Base of II-III2 - VI4 Typed Wide-Band Chalcogenide Semiconductors Doped by Rare-Earth Elements


Traditional investigations, synthesis and use of anti – Stokes luminophors (ASL) have an objective to visualize IR-radiation, i.e. IR-signal conversion into visible band (0.38÷0.76 mkm). Recently there have been created systems of length fiber optic communication lines where data carrier is the radiation with wavelength about 1.55 mkm. There have been developed lasers on the base of erbium glasses with wavelength of generation 1.54÷1.65 mkm. Therefore activation of wide-band semiconductive compounds EuGa2S4 and YbGa2S4 by 4f-elements, study of impurity state and behavior is one of the central issues of physics and material science of semiconductors as a whole.

Nowadays complex rare – earth compounds of MIM2IIX4VI (MI -Eu, Yl,Sm; MII-Ga,In; X4VI - S,Se) – typed take a special place among wide - band semiconductors.

MIM2IIX4VI - typed crystals have been crystallized in rhombic singony, they are high – resistance (105 ÷ 10II Ohm/cm), wide-band (~4.4eV) semiconductors and show particularly pronounced luminescent and photoconductive properties. In according with above- mentioned it is of interest spectroscopic investigation of 4f-elements in Eu (Yb) Ga2S4 crystals.

There has been developed technology of II-III2-IV2 (II-Eu, Yb,Sm,Ca, Sr,Ba; III-Ga,Al;VI-S,Se,O) - typed semiconductors activated by rare-earth ions.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Production of effective devices for visualization and illumination, being able to compete with traditional systems requires to manufacture luminophors with specific properties. This necessity promotes development of new materials and optimization of existing luminophors. In this aspect perspective ones are ternary alkali-earth chalcogenide semiconductors of II-III2-IV2 (II-Eu, Yb,Sm,Ca, Sr,Ba; III-Ga,Al;VI-S,Se,O) – typed activated by rare-earth ions. One of the qualities of ternary compounds comparing favourably with binary one as regards applied use is the resistance to hydrolysis and good implantation of rare-earth ions into crystal lattice. High linearity of cathode luminescence at high densities of current makes them suitable for use as a luminophor in TV and field ionization displays. Selection of corresponding sensitizers and activators one can change efficiency of conversion of various kinds of energy into light one and luminescence colors of these compounds.

Areas of Application

Systems of fiber optic communication lines, lasers with wavelength of generation 1.54 - 1/65 mkm, night vision equipments.

Fig. 1 The diagram of light emitting diode with phosphide

Fig. 2 Three-color combination wed in light emitting diode.

Stage of Development

Development phase - laboratory tested.

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Institute of Physics
Contact person: Tagiev Oktay Bahadur
Address: 33, H. Javid Avenue, AZ1143, Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel: (994 12) 439 6795
Fax: (994 12) 447 0456
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