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Home Azerbaijan Technologies One-Stage Technology of Preparation of Mono-Brom-Ortho-Xylol

One-Stage Technology of Preparation of Mono-Brom-Ortho-Xylol


The mono-brom-orto-xylol technology is elaborated by by means of low-temperature oxidative bromination of o-xylol by mixture of bromhydric acid and sodium hypochlorite at 20-40°C. Yield: from 95,2 to 99,3%. B.p.89-90°.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The process in comparison with known ones is high-selective, one-stage, economically useful, as excludes a use of deficit bromine, catalysts (iodine and iron mixtures) and highly explosive hydrogen peroxide. Purposeful product is prepared with yield of 99,3% for taken o-xylol and does not require an additional purification (recrystallization from solvent).

Areas of Application

It is used as precursor in production of vitamin B2 as well as in preparation of pharmaceutical preparations and dyes and also as reagent in the chemical industry.

Fig. 1 Mono-brom-ortho-xylol.

Stage of Development

The technology has been introduced in Bolokhov industrial complex of synthetic products and vitamins of Tula region in Russia with productivity of 62 t/y.

There is Inv. certificate USSR N 1383728, 1987. There is a laboratory regulation.

Contact Details

Institute of Polymer Materials Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Contact persons: Prof. Dr. Salakhov Mustafa Sattar oglu
Address: 124, S.Vurgun St. AZ5004, Sumgait, Azerbaijan
Tel: (+994 12) 497 6038
Fax: (+994 18) 642 0400
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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