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Home Azerbaijan Technologies One-Stage Technology of Preparation of 2,4,6-Tribromaniline

One-Stage Technology of Preparation of 2,4,6-Tribromaniline


It is developed the efficient unwaste technology of preparation of 2,4,6-tribromaniline (TBA) by the method of liquidphase oxidative bromination of aniline by brominating agent – mixture of potassium and sodium bromide, hydrogen peroxide and hydrochloric acid which provides 100% yield of TBA without additional purification of purposeful product.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The process is unwaste, one-stage, with high yield of purposeful product (99%), no requiring an additional purification. As distinguished from known methods which are prepared by direct bromination by molecular bromine with insignificant yield (from 20 to 40%) and requiring purification.

Areas of Application

It is used as antipyrene-addition in preparation of biocide dyes, using for bactericide linens (bedsheet, covering, socks) in isolation hospitals (from fungus, psoriasis, eczema and longly not healing wounds).

Fig. 1 2,4,6-Tribromaniline.

Stage of Development

Laboratory experiments on test installation have been carried out. There is an Inv. Certificate USSR N 1398346, 1988.

Bactericide properties experiments have been processed at Central Scientific-Research Institute of Wool, Moscow, Russia.

Contact Details

Institute of Polymer Materials
Contact persons: Prof. Dr. Salakhov Mustafa Sattar oglu
Address: 124, S.Vurgun St. AZ5004, Sumgait, Azerbaijan
Tel: (+994 12) 497 6038
Fax: (+994 18) 642 0400
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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