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Radiation-Resistant Frequency Strain Converters


Due to using universal strain module with n-Ge1-хSiх strain resistors tiny sensitive high-frequency gauges were developed for measurement of force of pressure of liquids and gases in ranges from 0…4*104 Pа up to 0…30 МPа.

The sensitive element of such devices is the electromechanical resonator of string type with electrostatic excitation of cross-section mechanical fluctuations. The string is implemented from strain sensitive threadlike monocrystal n-Ge1-хSiх by length 1-5mm, in diameter 8-12mkm and is rigidly fixed by the ends of plate or a deformable surface (in an elastic element) in the distance 50mkm from it. At increase of nuclear percent Si in n-Ge1-хSiх strain sensitivity of the gauge increases too.

Each gauge of pressure is supplied with the amplifier which raises resolution, and the device of the coordination with a data-acquisition equipment.

The gauge of pressure is radiation proof in comparison with made crystals Ge or Si.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Development and creation of corresponding gauges air possible at using as sensitive elements of strings with physical- mechanical properties close to ideal ones, and direct transformation of mechanical fluctuations of strings in to an electric signal.

Criterion of obtaining of the highest sensitivity (>109Hz/rel.unit deformations of the string converter to the measured size) is the opportunity of using of extremely short and thin crystals.

The gauge of pressure contains a monocrystal silicon membrane and string strainconverters from a threadlike monocrystal n-Ge-Si. Use of the technique when position of crystal on the membrane at its deformation by pressure corresponds to a free (loose) condition, has allowed to obtain the maximal sensitivity while measuring of pulsations of pressure.

In comparison with other string converters used at the present, string monocrystal strainconverters allow to provide higher sensitivity and accuracy of measurement at minimal external dimensions and power consumption.

Areas of Application

Aviation and space techniques, a robotics, medicine.

Fig. 1 Fig.1 Diagram of the structure of a pressure
1- membrane- transform junction;
2- resonator;
3- body with branch pipes.

Fig. 2 Fig.2 Diagram of the structure of the gas
analyzer’s receiving part:
1 – membrane with fixed resonators;
2 – window;
3 – body;
4 – membrane divided into two symmetrical volumes;
5 – thermo-outputs.

Stage of Development

It was developed and test experiments conducted at the Institute of Radiation Problems ANAS and at the Lvov Polytechnical Institute in Ukraine.

Contact Details

Institute of Radiation Problems
Contact person: Dr. Matanat Mehrabova
Address: 9 F.Aghayev St. AZ1143 Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel: (+994 12) 438 3224, (+994 50) 731 8177
Fax: (+994 12) 432 5187
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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