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Photosensors of Optical Irradiation


Photosensor for irradiation registration has been developed. The liquid solution of Caucasian Vipera lebetina obtuse venom has been dropped on a freshly-cleaved semiconductor substrate with preliminarily deposited Ohmic (silver) contact from the back side. The semiconductor substrate has been placed on the centrifuge for obtaining a uniform film along thickness. Silver has been used for current-ejection from the side of the venom. Volt-ampere characteristic and spectral distribution of photoconductivity have been measured at room temperature on the base of the obtained structures. Resistance at direct and reverse bias differed for ~ 102 times. Operating voltage is not high 1.5-2 V, the thickness of the venom film is 10- 30mm, specific conductivity is ≅10-9-10-11 Ohm-1sm-1

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The suggested photosensor has a noticeable photoconductivity in the area of IR spectral range. This sensor is photodetector with competitive photoelectrical characteristics. It differs from its analogues with small sizes (the size of working elements’ area 10mm2) and high sensitivity. The method of obtaining differs from the analogue according to its simplicity and reasonable price.

Areas of Application

Irradiation registration (individual dosimeters, radioprospecting, monitoring): medicine, ecology, military industry, optical computers, scientific researches.

Stage of Development

Developed and laboratory tested in the Institute of Zoology and the Institute of Radiation Problems NASA.

Contact Details

Institute of Zoology
Contact person: Topchiyeva Shafiga
Address: Passage 1128, block 504 AZ 1073 Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel.: (+994 050) 632 4912; (+994 12) 532 2875
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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