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Home Azerbaijan Technologies Method of varying of the carrier concentration of PbSnSe epitaxial films

Method of varying of the carrier concentration of PbSnSe epitaxial films


Important part of any semiconductor device is the active element - epitaxial film. For increase of efficiency of the device technologists achieve to reduce operating voltage and increase working temperatures of an active element. In technological language it means - decrease of carriers concentration and stabilization of Fermi level in epitaxial films. The offered method of regulation of carriers concentration in epitaxial films PbSnSe allows to decrease concentration more than 100 times and to reach working temperatures more than 80 degrees on Calvin. For preparation of such epitaxial films is provided to carry out following operations: On oriented substrate BaF2, by evaporation is settled binary components PbSe and SnSe, doped by chrome and indium. For creation of necessary pressure of vapor the additional source of selenium is used. The special regime of temperature of a substrate, sources of binary components and selenium for the purpose of reception thin and continuous epitaxial films is picked up.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Novelty of the invention is that the source represents doped by chrome and indium alloys PbSnSe and specially picked up temperature regime. Insignificant differences of lattice parameters of the picked up structure of an alloy and a substrate leads to reception strained epitaxial films. In such films Fermi level are displaced deeply in the band gap zone and stabilized. As a result of mutual compensation of impurity of chrome and indium concentration of carriers decreases more than 100 times. Stabilization of Fermi level allows to increase working temperatures of prepared active element. According to the carried researches the basic advantage of the offered method consists in preparation thin epitaxial layers with low carriers concentration and working temperatures more than 80 degrees on Calvin.

Areas of Application

The basic spheres of application are the creation of the high-sensitive infrared-detectors:

  • for background streams 1017 photon/sec.sm2 (room temperature);
  • for a level of a background 1013 photon/sec.sm2 (for space conditions).

Stage of Development

  • The offered technology has been tested by laboratory investigations, in the frame of STCU-3641 Project implementation.
  • Has been received patents of Georgia and Azerbaijan
  • Two electronic companies in Baku “Industrial Automatics” and “AZON” plant have shown the big interest to the offered way.

Contact Details

Professor Vugar Aliyev, STCU-3641 Project Sub-Manager
Organization: Institute of Physics ANAS
Address: 33, Cavid ave., Baku, AZ-1143, Azerbaijan
Tel.: +99440 218-3963
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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