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Bacterial Surfactants for Purification of Oil Contaminated Soil

A special approach to bioremediation strategy depending on specific conditions of contaminated area and character of oil pollution provides guaranteed restoration of oil polluted soil in oil fields, refining and oil storing places.

Growth Agent for Red California Worms Reproduction

There are plenty of waste products gathered during the tobacco production like tobacco dust or useless parts of tobacco leaves such as veins and petioles.

Growth of Uniform Ge-Si Solid Solution Single Crystals by the Modified Bridgman Method Using a Ge Seed

Growth of Ge-Si single crystals with desired graded and uniform compositions without using adequate solid solutions seed rods.

Development of Novel Colloid-Liquid Crystal Composites Displaying Network Formation

The method of phase separation was used for development of novel small particles-liquid crystalline composites displaying network formation.

Bio-Preparation for Cleanup of a Synthetic Based Drilling Sludge

Ecologically well-grounded cleanup technology that allows extracting synthetic hydrocarbons such as α-olefins which are well known as a big danger for an environment.

Bioremediation of Oil Contaminated Sands

Bioremediation technology for cleanup of mineral sands contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons has been developed by using indigenous hydrocarbon degrading bacteria and ecologically safe easily degrade synthetic surface-active preparations (surfactants).

Creation of γ -Detectors on CuGaSe2- Based Sensitive Materials

CuGaSe2 semiconductive compound have been grown by gas transport reaction method. Crystalline iodine is used as a transporter. Obtained single crystals are p-type conductivity, resistivity is ρ=102÷103 Ohm*cm at 300 K. Obtained single crystals take the form of trihedral prisms with the most developed mirror plane (1 2). To carry the experiments single crystals have been ground by the dusts N30, N10, N7, then glazed with diamond pastas. To refine the surface, the samples have been dipped in ethanol.

Creation of Thermostable Tenzoresistors on the Base of GaSb-FeGa1.3, and GaSb-CîGa1.3 Eutectic Composites

Semiconductor GaSb was made by alloying and refining it by the method of horizontal recrystallization. Additionally, GaSb-FeGa1.3 and GaSb-CоGa1.3 eutectic alloys were prepared by alloying of GaSb with Fe and Co, respectively, using the vertical Bridgman method. To avoid ampoule vibration that may disturb the solid-melt interface, the prepared sample was kept motionless with the movement of the freezing interface accomplished by lifting the furnace.