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New Manufacturing Technology for Development of Materials for Use in Thermoelectric Converters of Energy

Manufacturing techniques of highly effective converters of energy on the basis of received mechanically durability thermoelectric materials with high thermoelectric quality factor have been developed and pilot samples have been made on their basis.

Development of New Elements of Optoelectronics on the Basis of Layered Semiconductors

There are developed laboratory technologies of manufacturing of the barrier structures which are suitable for use in the devices of nonlinear optics and photo electronics. In particular, the development of the electric-field controlled modulator on the basis of Cu-GaSe-Al structure for modulation of reflected of the He-Ne laser radiation as well as the modulator on the basis of Cu-GaSe-ITO for modulation of transmitted light of laser radiation have been realized.

Device for High-Frequency Over-Voltage Rejection (Frequency-Dependent Resistor) in High-Voltage Systems and Alternating Voltage Ones

The main absorber of frequency-dependent resistor, which is ferromagnetic sheath, has the component the permeability of which has the maximum 0,1-20 MHz interval.

Development of New Heterostructures on the Basis of Wideband Polymer and Monocrystalline Silicon

The aim of this work is the creation of new heterostructures consisting of silicon and thin wideband polymer films, and also experimental study of mechanisms of conduction and transport of carriers in them.

Obtaining of the Charged Nanoparticles by Means of the Point Ion Source

The means of disperse phase of the point ion source have been used for obtaining of the charged nanoparticles. The source represents the compact graphite container with the working matter inside of which a thin high-melting point is bulged out. The smelt matter wets a surface of point. Sizes of generated nanodroplets determined by means of electron and AFM microscopes compose continuous spectrum from 2 nm up to 20 nm. The number of particles of least size on three orders of magnitude exceeds number of particles of the greatest size. The In, Sn, NiAlB have been used as working matters at carrying out of our experiments.

Electrodischarge Treatment of Natural Adsorbents for Separation Impurities from the Waste Water of Polymeric Enterprises

The basic regularities and physical mechanisms of activation porous synthetic and natural adsorbents by means of no equilibrium electric discharges are revealed. Influence of electric discharges (barrier, torch or corona types) on adsorption process is one of process control facilities.

Low-Temperature Deposited CdS and CdTe Thin Films and Their Solar Cell Application

Thin film CdS/CdTe heterojunction devices have been prepared by low-temperature vacuum deposition method. For the device fabrication CdS films of about 90nm and CdTe films of about 5.0 μm thick were subsequently evaporated onto bilayer SnO2 coated Corning 7059 glass substrates. High purity CdS and CdTe powders were used as a source material.

Translucence Coverings for Thermal Receivers and Converters of Electromagnetic Radiation

By theoretical researches of characteristics of reflection of electromagnetic radiation of two- and three-layer flat systems containing in the structure absorbing dielectric substrate from one - or two coverings translucent it from not absorbing material, there is established that in the field of a dispersion of waves of substance of a substrate there are selective values of a thickness of a layer of coverings and frequency of falling radiation at which reflection of radiation from such systems is absent.