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3-Methyl-5-Morpholinomethylisoxazole Showing Hypocoagulation, Antiaggregation and Fibrinolytic Activity

It is developed the regioselective method of preparation of 3-methyl-5-morpholinemethylisoxazole by interaction of 4,5-dichlor-3-penten-2-one with morpholine with the subsequent washing of intermediate product. The forming intermediate product after washing by diluted aqueous solution of soda is treated by hydroxylamine.

Ethyl Ether of 2,6-Dimethyl-4-Morpholinomethylnicotinic Acid Showing Antihypoxic and Antiaggregant Activity

It is developed the one-stage method of preparation of ethyl ether of 2,6-dimethyl-4-morpholinomethylnicotinic acid by interaction of 4,5-dichloro-3-penten-2-one with ethyl ether of β-aminocrotonic acid with the subsequent treatment of prepared intermediate by morpholine.

One-Stage Technology of Preparation of 2,4,6-Tribromaniline

It is developed the efficient unwaste technology of preparation of 2,4,6-tribromaniline (TBA) by the method of liquidphase oxidative bromination of aniline by brominating agent – mixture of potassium and sodium bromide, hydrogen peroxide and hydrochloric acid which provides 100% yield of TBA without additional purification of purposeful product.

Scintillation Detectors

Surface-barrier structures were created by vacuum deposition of thin gold films on the freshly cleaved surface of InSe. Ohmic contacts were deposited on the opposite surface of the crystal by a silver paste.

3-Methyl-5-Bromomethylisoxazole Showing Pronounced Antimicrobial Activity

It is developed the regioselective method of preparation of 3-methyl-5-chloromethylisoxazole by interaction of 5,4- dichlor-3-penten-2-one with hydroxylamine with the subsequent treatment of the prepared 3-methyl-5-chloromethylisoxazole with potassium bromide.

1-Methoxycarbinolmethyl-2-Methylpyrrole Showing Adaptogenic Activity

It is developed the method of preparation of structural analogue of natural biologically active ether of 2-pyrrol carboxylic acids - 1-metoxycarbonylmetyhl-2-methylpyrrole by interaction of 5- chlor-3-penten-2one with hydrochloride of methyl ether of aminoacetic acid in the presence of acceptor of hydrogen chloride.

High-Efficient Reactor for Continuous Chlorination

It is developed a reactor of “boiling” layer with a through stream for carrying out of continuous mono-, di-, poly- and oxychlorination of hydrocarbons C1-C5, conversion of hydrogen chloride into chlorine with use of catalyst – fine-disperse mineral materials (perlite, absidian, etc) and also for preparation of nanoclusters carbons.

Cleaning of the Polluted Soils from Mineral Oil by Means of Solar Energy

We have used the alternative energy for cleaning of the polluted sites of the soils from mineral oil by means of the proposed equipment, thus probably to collect mineral oil from these sites of the soil for a reuse.