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Radiation-Resistant Frequency Strain Converters

Due to using universal strain module with n-Ge1-хSiх strain resistors tiny sensitive high-frequency gauges were developed for measurement of force of pressure of liquids and gases in ranges from 0…4*104 Pа up to 0…30 МPа.

Alternative Energy Sources for House Hot Water Service

Solar power plant.

An equipment is introduced for hot water service of bowers including solar water heater, wind-electric assembly, control block and communication means corresponding to processing procedure.

Measuring Device of Infrared Radiation

Measuring Device of Infrared Radiation

In the introduced device an electrostatic field conjugated by a detector and joined with the power source via a resistor is fed on the sensitive element the electrodes of which are in a thermal contact with a parametric voltage-reference diode.

Balanced Abiyev’s Squares

It is known that in a magic square of nth order elements of the number set {1, 2, ….., n2} in n×n square so that the sum of the numbers on any row, column or diagonals equals a constant.

Luminescent Composite on the Basis of Polyolefines and Fluorine-Containing Polymers

A luminescent composite is obtained by mechanical bias of polymer powders and binary sulphide compounds (CdSZnS) with a further thermal pressing at fusion temperature of polymer matrix. The content of the filling compound in the composite is 10-30 volume percent in dependence with the designation.

Scintillation Dosimeter With NaI (Tl) Base

Scintillation dosimeter has been developed on the base of NaI (Tl) operates at pulsed mode and the signals are received by photoamplifier (FEG-85) and the amplified signals are transmitted into the detection unit.

Hydrogen and Helium Gas-Sensitive Element

Current-time dependence.

A gas-sensitive element contains electrodes arranged on a ceramic substrate and is coated by a thin (0.1-0.2mkm) gas-sensitive layer.

Photosensors of Optical Irradiation

Photosensor for irradiation registration has been developed. The liquid solution of Caucasian Vipera lebetina obtuse venom has been dropped on a freshly-cleaved semiconductor substrate with preliminarily deposited Ohmic (silver) contact from the back side. The semiconductor substrate has been placed on the centrifuge for obtaining a uniform film along thickness. Silver has been used for current-ejection from the side of the venom. Volt-ampere characteristic and spectral distribution of photoconductivity have been measured at room temperature on the base of the obtained structures. Resistance at direct and reverse bias differed for ~ 102 times.