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DSL Composition – Increase of Oil Recovery System

At present there is a decrease of produced oil resources structure.

Technology of Production of the Granulated Foamglass

The technology is based on the process of foaming of multicomponent mixtures under high-temperature; the main component is powdery cullet.

Technologies to Increase Efficiency of Oil Production Processes on the Basis of Negative Pressure Phenomenon

There have been worked out the technologies on using of the negative pressure phenomenon for increasing the efficiency of oil producing at different well operation methods, cleaning of oil producing and transportation hydraulic systems (well bore, pipeline) from various accumulations.

Modelling System of Environmentally Friendly Technology for Metals Leaching in Situ Ore Occurrence

Designed special experimental installation for modeling of leaching processes the requirement metals from various types of ores with the analytical control in a real-time mode.

High Pressure and Temperature Facility with Interpore Pressure Modelling

Under natural conditions the rock skeleton is subjected to deformation under simultaneous influence of rock, formation (pore pressure) pressures and temperature.

Technology of Production of Foamglass Blocks

The technology is based on the process of foaming powdery cullet under high-temperature.

Method of Definition of the Linear Physical-Mechanical Properties of the Geological Media in Their Natural State

The technology of definition of true values of the fundamental elastic modules of the linear elasticity (Lamé coefficients λ and μ, or, that is the same, the Poisson coefficient ν and Е module) of the rocks and geological media in their natural states has been developed.

Bio-Preparation for Cleaning of Oil Pollution in Water and Soil

The bio-preparation technology for cleaning of oil pollution is developed based on the association of micromycetes from the Caspian Sea.