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Home Biotechnologies Immunodiagnostic test system for quantification of soluble fibrin in human blood plasma

Immunodiagnostic test system for quantification of soluble fibrin in human blood plasma


The test system for quantification of soluble fibrin the in human blood plasma has been developed. This test system is based on the obtained of fibrin-specific monoclonal antibody. Soluble fibrin (Sf) is one of the main markers of the threat of thrombus formation. Sf formed from fibrinogen by the action of thrombin in the activation of blood coagulation. The causes of soluble fibrin increasing: cardiovascular diseases, surgery, pregnancy. DIC, thrombosis and thromboembolia, diabetes, age is over 60 years. Its detection is necessary for early diagnosis of prothrombotic conditions in order to prescribe welltimed antithrombotic therapy for prevention of infarcts, apoplectic attacks, thrombosis, and thromboembolia, and also for monitoring survey of antithrombotic therapy.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • The sensitivity of the method: 0,5±0,1 μg/ml;
  • The specificity of the method: 98%;
  • The speed of the method: 3 hours;
  • The test system has not analogues in Ukraine and CIS countries.

Areas of Application


Contact Details

Olena Petrivna Kozulina
Organization: Palladin Institute of Biochemistry of NASU
Adress: 9, Leontovicha str., 01601, Kyiv, Ukraine
(+380 44) 235-7157
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