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Home Biotechnologies Functional opportunities of calcium phosphate ceramics in medicine

Functional opportunities of calcium phosphate ceramics in medicine


Calcium phosphate-based composite ceramics as the best osteoconductive and osteoinductive materials designed for bone replacement and storage of calcium phosphate ions used for mineralization as well as magnetic iron-based composite powder materials for drug delivery are aimed in using as novel bio compatible medical materials. The scientific team has good experimental results for using calcium phosphate-based ceramics in plastics of bone defects in сranial oral surgery, stomatology as well as under parodontics and periodontics. In addition, we have been studying prolongation of the action of different antibiotics (drugs, silver and nanostructured copper) adsorbed on the calcium phosphate-based and magnetic iron-based composite materials.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Stomatological operations, where the proposed calcium phosphate based composite ceramics can be used for profile plastics and replacement of operation and trauma defects after fracture of lower jaw parts as well as for filling of pathologic root channels, defects formed owing to the extraction of periapical focuses of odontogenic infection (granulomas, cysts) with simultaneous remaining causative teeth and filling of alveolar sockets after extraction of retentional and dystrophic teeth and also radical operations on parodentium and recovery of atrophied alveolar appendices are innovative aspects of materials proposed. The main advantages of proposed biomaterials are controlled properties such as porosity, strength, solubility, biological interaction with living organism and osteoinductive properties via nanostructuring and introducing osteotrophic elements. as well as the possibility of formation of complex-shaped articles, production of reliable coatings with developed surface on titanium implants, creation of compositions of new generation with optimal biomechanical and biological properties. Iron-based composite materials with antibiotic additions will provide directed delivery and prolonged action of drugs.

Areas of Application


Contact Details

Iryna V. Uvarova
Organization: Frantsevich Institute for Problems in Materials Science of NASU
Adress: 3, Krzhizhanovski str., Kyiv, Ukraine
(+38044) 424-2581
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