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Home Biotechnologies The influence of natural biostimulants Biolan and Emistim C on the yield of cultivated mushrooms

The influence of natural biostimulants Biolan and Emistim C on the yield of cultivated mushrooms

Statement of the problem.

Lately by reason of lack of high-quality technologies of compost production and cultivation of the mushroom Agaricusbisporus the more emphasis is put on the methods which allow to influence directly on mycelium in compost as well as in casing soil.

Analysis of the last researches and publications.

One of those methods in plant cultivation is treatment of plants by biostimulants. The use of those products showed increase in productivity and quality of many crops. The plant biostimulants of natural origin have a wide action spectrum, they are products of biotechnological cultivation and contain the complex of phytohormones of auxin and cytokinin nature, amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids and microelements.

Today we have not enough scientific information about the hormonal complex of Agaricusbisporus. Experiments of scientists from the Institute of Botany NASU [4] showed the indexes of hormones content differ depending on the stage of mushroom development. However the low level of these compounds is found out in the mycelium. It is known that such phytohormones as auxins and cytokinins take part in the processes of differentiation during fruit formation. And an index of mycelium development in casing soil and start of fruiting during Agaricusbisporuscultivation is one of important factors of heavy yield.

Presentation of a basic material.

Researches were conducted in the laboratory of growing of edible mushrooms of Research Agrotechnology and Ecology Institute of Tavrya State Agrotechnology University.

Influence of treatment of casing soil (peat) by the different concentrations of biostimulants of natural type Biolan and Emistim C was investigated at growing of white button mushroom Agaricusbisporus (strain A-15). We determined the time of fruiting attainment and productivity. For determination of optimum concentration the preparation was used together with water for watering in the day of casing soil coating in an amount 1 l per 1m2. Growing of mushrooms took place in the typical cultivation conditions (optimum correlation of temperature and humidity at mycelium growth, fruiting attainment and growing of mushrooms). Mushrooms were harvested at achievement of marketable ripeness – mushrooms of the size 30-40 mm with the closed cortina, typical on colouring and form accordingly DSTU 7561-2001 «Cultivated mushrooms. Guidance for storage and transporting in the cooled state». The replication is fivefold.

Statistical analysis of the got results was conducted by the methods of parametrical statistics with the use of Student's t-test on the computer Athlon 2600+ on the program MS-Excel 2000.

Results of researches.

White button mushroom is characterized by the insignificant level of free phytohormones in general. Low content of the related forms in mycelium and appreciable quantity of conjunctive forms of phytohormones in basidiomes, possibly, are adaptive mechanisms for neutralization of free forms [2]. But according to the data of our researches of influence of biostimulants of natural type on mycelium of white button mushroom in casing soil the synergistic effect was marked at exogenous application of preparations Biolan and Emistim C on the first flushes of fruiting. We have determined that in the variants of treatment by 1 % solution of Biolan and 0.1 % solution of Emistim C the amount of mushrooms on beginning of the first flush was considerably higher than in control variant and in other variants of treatment (pic. 1 and 2). The maximal production of mushrooms was observed in all variants of treatment, while in control the character of mushroom development was identical during the first and second flushes of fruiting. Dynamics of fruiting on pictures 1 and 2 shows that on the second flush the effect of preparations is absent.

Fig.1 - Productivity of white button mushroom after treatment of casing soil Biolan

Fig.2 - Productivity of white button mushroom after treatment of casing soil Emistim C

Biolan 1 % and Emistim C 0.1 % increased the productivity of mushrooms 2.3 and 2.4 times in comparison with the control variant. But at a later stage the action of preparations was not observed that testified to absence of the protracted action of preparations.

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