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Creation “The National Center of Biosafety of Ukraine”


Problems of biological safety and biological terrorism and now are important components of the overall security of many countries. This can be explained by the fact that the use as a biological weapon agents of various human and animal diseases, the implementation of sabotage at the enterprises that carry out production of biological or support collection strains of microorganisms can lead to unintended consequences for large parts of one or more States.

Global geopolitical, geo-ecological and climatic, epidemiological and epizootic changes, biological terrorism, the rapid development of bio-and nanotechnology led to issues of biological safety issues, not only in national but also on a global scale.

Factors promoting biological threats need to include social and economic instability, mass migration, lack of coordination of interagency cooperation in biosafety issues, decline in the scientific and industrial potential of a number of countries, non-compliance with ethical principles and double standards in the conduct of studies of biological objects and using the results. In general, the situation on biosafety in the world is urgent for Ukraine.

State Scientific Control Institute of Biotechnology and strains of microorganisms (SSCIBSM) - a leading institution in the development, examination, registration and quality control of veterinary immunological products. The Institute was founded in 1998 at the Kiev branch SSICI veterinary drugs and feed additives. Today the Institute employs 90 staff, including - 1 academician of NAAS of Ukraine, 1 Corresponding member of NAAS of Ukraine, 6 doctors of Sciences and 14 Ph.Ds.

On the Institute base was established “The National Center for strains of microorganisms (NCSM) which is The National Heritage of Ukraine. It is used for development of diagnostic methods, controls, and creation of therapeutic and prophylactic drugs. It supports more than 800 strains of microorganisms necessary for the scientific, industrial and diagnostic work for the needs of both veterinary and human medicine. This Center conduct the research on the development of normative and technical documents for testing immunological, biological, herbal, chemical, chemical-pharmaceutical, and other means for animals protection. NCSM is controlling over the quality of standardization, examination and certification of animal welfare, materials, equipment, devices, instruments (hereinafter - tools for veterinary medicine), feed additives, raw materials and products of animal origin.

The State Scientific Control Institute of Biotechnology and Strains of Microorganisms at this time is the one institution of Veterinary Biotechnology in Ukraine, where the work is performed on the registration and testing of immunological veterinary medicines (both domestic and foreign production) and state quality control.

In this project we propose to creation “THE NATIONAL CENTER OF BIOSAFETY OF UKRAINE” wich will have such directions as:

  1. Training , implementation and monitoring of compliance with the methodology and principles of biosafety and biosecurity in the veterinary medicine of Ukraine. (For the Heads of the different levels, specialists, laboratory and scientific workers, and production of immunobiological biofactories funds).
  2. Creating the nursery of laboratory animals in accordance with international standards for testing and control of immunobiological preparations for Veterinary Medicine, explore and expand the collection of microbial strains of SSCIBMS.
  3. Establishing a solid waste management system in accordance with international standards while testing and development of immunobiological products for veterinary medicine of Ukraine .
  4. Control of infectious diseases and zoonoses pathogens circulation in a wildlife of Ukraine.
  5. Involvement of experts and researchers in international trainings projects and exchange of experience in the fields of veterinary biotechnology, bacteriology, virology, epizootology, cellular technologies, cryobiology, biosafety and biosecurity, development and control of application of nano-, molecular-genetic technologies.

Contact Details

Zinaida Klestova, Dr. of Science
Organization: State Scientific Control Institute of Biotechnology and Strains of Microorganisms
Adress: 30, Donetska Str., Kyiv, 03151, Ukraine
38(044) 245-76-08; 38(044) 245-76-08; 38(044) 244-81-01
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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