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Home Biotechnologies Strengthening of Biosafety of The National Center of Microorganisms Strains (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Strengthening of Biosafety of The National Center of Microorganisms Strains (Kyiv, Ukraine)


The State Scientific-Control Institute of Biotechnology and Strains of Microorganisms (SSCIBSM) was established in 1998. In the institute is separate part - the National Center of Microorganisms Strains (NCMS) which created since 1994, by Ministry of agriculture of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences, by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, where reserved the national collection of industrial strains of microorganisms and pathogens.

NCMS preserves, deposition, support in active form of viruses, bacteria, fungi, helminth eggs, bacteriophages, plasmids, oncogenes, RNA and DNA nucleotide sequences, genetic-engineering constructions that are used in the production of immunobiological means and raw materials for their manufacturing of facilities for disinfectation, insektoacaricidal drugs, standard samples. As well as feed and feed additives for animals, supply their for companies and organizations who develop and manufacture of veterinary medicines, feed and feed additives.

Now the collection of NCMS includes more than 800 of characterized strains of microorganisms that are used in the manufacture and quality control of animal protection and standardization of microbiological research.

NCMS activities carried out in accordance with the activities on harmonization of standardization and certification of veterinary products in Ukraine under standards and EU directives, which includes the use of standard test strains of microorganisms for biological industry enterprises, research institutions and other organizations that veterinary drugs produce. When conducting microbiological research in the laboratories of veterinary medicine and other bacteriological laboratories, institutions of higher education in accordance with the requirements of ISO, GLP, GMP.

In NCMS collection is supported by a significant strains of zoonotic diseases such as anthrax, rabies, tuberculosis, salmonellosis, erysipelas, campylobacteriosis, salmonellosis, pasteurellosis, esherihiosis, listeriosis, campylobacteriosis, chlamydiosis, streptococcosis, brucellosis, influenza, brucellosis, etc.

Maintaining a collection of microorganisms, deposition of new samples and other aims require the modern conditions of laboratory work, storage of collection, modern vivarium, technical equipment, such as substation uninterrupted supply of electricity, security systems, modern laboratory equipment and other components.

Despite the beginning of NCMS technical assistance process by United States under the joint Program of biological threats reduction in Ukraine (Cooperative Threat of Reduction Program, the Nunn -Lugar) (through Black and Vich Co) was purchased part of equipment and installed in some places cameras, special doors and etc.

Areas of Application

  • Medicine and veterinary medicine – storages of pathogen collections;
  • Biotechnology – it possible to use the strains for DNA and antigen obtaining for immunobiology means and new methods development;
  • Strengthening of biosafety of NCSM.

Stage of Development

However, conducting the initial stage of re completely not decided today facing challenges to scientific-control institute. Given the expansion of functions as an institution as NCMS, namely creation on theirs basis of an international body of microorganisms deposit, it is necessary to retrofitted and retool these structures.

Thus, there is a substantial need for the successful solution of tasks in purchasing:

  1. Freezer (-80 ° C) -8 things;
  2. Dewar container- 8 things ;
  3. CO2 incubators -5 things + creation of CO2 supply system in the Labs, located on all 4 floors;
  4. Electricity generator -2 things (+ diesel);
  5. Laminar boxes BSL-2 level- 10 things ;
  6. Microscopes with software (+ computers + monitors to microscopes) - 8 things;
  7. Fumigator -3 things;
  8. Autoclave-(big) -4 things;
  9. Table Autoclave -1 thing;
  10. Deionizer of water -1 thing;
  11. Distillers -4 things;
  12. Drying cabinet-3 things;
  13. Centrifuge on high speed -1 thing;
  14. Cooling centrifuge and interchangeable rotors (5000 rpm/min) - 2 things;
  15. Analytical scales (for different weights) - 3 things;
  16. PH meters -3 things;
  17. PH meter portable -1 thing;
  18. Water bath with shuttle system-4 things;
  19. Block of current electric Power Supply (for refrigerators and freezers to store of microorganisms);
  20. Laboratory washing machines, 1 thing;
  21. Ultrasonic integrator-1 thing;
  22. Homogenizer-1 thing;
  23. IFA equipment (mini-vidas for rapid determination) -1 set;
  24. Filtration equipment 1 set;
  25. Incubator for eggs, 1 thing;
  26. Dry box -2 things;
  27. Thermostats - 8 things;
  28. Equipment for the preparation of culture media and spill (Mediaclave)-1 set;
  29. Replace of electrical wiring in the workrooms and install the laboratories automatic control systems - on all 4th floor.
  30. Germicidal lamp -30 things.
  31. Sequencer – 1 set.

Contact Details

Valeriy Ushkalov, Dr. of Science
Organization: State Scientific Control Institute of Biotechnology and Strains of Microorganisms
Adress: 30, Donetska Str., Kyiv, 03151, Ukraine
38(044) 245-76-08; 38(044) 245-76-08; 38(044) 244-81-01
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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