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Home Biotechnologies An Antitumor Nanocomposite Feroplat

An Antitumor Nanocomposite “Feroplat”

Areas of Application.

“Feroplat” can be used to increase the efficiency of chemotherapy and overcoming drug resistance of malignant tumors. “Feroplat” is a means to deliver cytotoxic agents directly to the tumor tissue that provides its maximum income into cells and improves its therapeutic effect.

Technical Specification.

Antitumor ferromagnetic nanocomposite “Feroplat” is a conjugate of magnetic fluid nanoparticles and anticancer drug cisplatin.


There are no analogues of "Feroplat". It has a significant pharmacological advantages over the free form of cisplatin. “Feroplat” is able to be accumulated selectively in the tumor and to improve the antitumor effect of cisplatin with increase of biosafety level. Unlike standard chemotherapy, "Feroplat" is more active against tumors resistant to cytotoxic drugs and shows less toxicity toward normal cells. "Feroplat" usage helps to prevent toxic influence of cytostatic on the whole organism.

Stage of Development.

Suggestion for commercialization Antitumor nanocomposite went through pre-clinical trials in Ukraine Documents for the first phase of clinical trials in Ukraine are ready to be submitted to Ukrainian Ministry of Health IPR protection Ukrainian patents and secret know-how.


Pyatchanina Tatiana V 
Organization: RE Kavetsky Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology NAS of Ukraine.
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