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Carbon-carbon materials for medicine


Carbon-carbon implants.


According to the statistics data, 210 million people all over the world and, in particular, about 3 million people in Ukraine require to undergo a course of osteoporosis treatment. The implants that have been developed are focused on restoration of the man skeletal system in cases of defect substitution, treatment of osteoporosis, compound fractures and represent the most biocompatible material used for prosthetics purposes in the course of treatment of the above-mentioned diseases. The implants are made of carbon-carbon composite material having a specially designed structure and densified with the use of thermalgradient gasphase methods developed by the National Science Center “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”.

Main Advantages

for patients:

  • due to the effects of prosthesis overgrowth  and its ingrowth into bone tissues, the postoperative rehabilitation period is considerably reduced;
  • carbon-carbon chemical and radiation stability allows to carry out chemotherapy and radiotherapy without any restrictions;
  • no allergic reaction to carbon-carbon materials even in cases where considerable quantities of carbon powder penetrate in wounds during operations;
  • patients have no unpleasant sensations (feeling of cold, discomfort, etc.);
  • no problems when passing through metal detectors;
  • strength of the implant-bone system is above 60 % of the strength of healthy bone tissues;
  • the implant-bone system allows elastic deformation in fracture zones.

for surgeons:

  • easy and simple sterilization;
  • possibility of endoprosthesis individual adjustment directly during the operation;
  • fixing prostheses just on its place improves fixation quality;
  • shorter postoperative rehabilitation periods.

Areas of Application

Medicine (substitution of bone defects, treatment of compound fractures, including osteoporosis-complicated fractures, other applications).

Carbon-carbon materials for medicine

Carbon-carbon materials for medicine

Stage of Development

Promotion to the market:

  • more than 100 operations with the use of carbon-carbon implants developed by the National Science Center “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology” have been already done in Ukraine;
  • certificate and medical conclusion for the use of carbon-carbon implants;
  • technical requirements for production of carbon-carbon implants have been developed and approved;
  • 5 patents for methods of treatment with the use of carbon-carbon implants;
  • 4 implementation reports.

Contact Details

National Science Center “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”
Address: 1, Akademicheskaya Str., Kharkov 61108,Ukraine.
Contact: Igor Gurin
Tel/fax: +38 (057) 335-66-12; 335-39-83
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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