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Home Biotechnologies New technology of transscleral laser applications for the treatment of an eye choroid melanomas

New technology of transscleral laser applications for the treatment of an eye choroid melanomas


It is necessary to note that fact, which melanoblastomas strike the person in the more active and productive term of his life between 30 and 60 years. The urgency of the problem and oncologists interest to find the way for successfully treatment of such disease becomes quite clear.

Based on the results of our previous examinations regarding exploit of various lasers in treatment of ophthalmic diseases, we have got unique experience, which allows us to offer this project. Among tumours the melanoma is most dangerous. Uveal melanomas, besides the aggressiveness, comes first on frequency of originating, i.e. meet in 70-90 % of cases among other tumours of an eye observed. Even enucleation of eye does not salvage the person from death. In 10 years after enucleation of an eye not less than 40 % of patients perishes from metastasises. Another methods such as radiotherapy , cryolysis, diathermocoagulation, transpupilary photocoagulation does not led to reliable results. All of methods mentioned above are not only inefficient but also dangerous because they assist active tumour cells penetrate to the sclera.

Eye choroids melanomas are extremely aggressive tumours. The big amount of fissionable cells needs to be provided with appropriate oxygen feeding by means of blood. To provide such feeding the rich vascular network of a blood supply arises inside a tumour. The structure of this network includes small blood vessels. Capillary of a tumour have no outer coat of blood vessel. In this connection always there is an opportunity of an easy access of a tumour cells to the blood flow. Therefore the main condition of the success is to develop a technology that would allow us to destruct blood vessels of a tumour or to thrombosis them. As a result the feeding of a tumour will be significantly disturbed and next a tumour will probably disappear or stabilized/stoped in it's growth. The laser system prototype to solve the problem is developed within the framework of the small pilot project.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The main distinction between proposed approach and already existent one is:

  • The new way of the beam delivery. In the existent methods laser radiation gets the tumor through the pupil of the eye, in our case laser beam will affect the tumor through the sclera. In that way we avert the damage of ocular medium and gain access to those parts of the eye where impossible to penetrate using standard noninvasive method and where according to statistics situated the most aggressive tumors.
  • The new target for laser beam influence. Today with the help of the laser they try to influence the very tumor to destroy it by different modes (hyperthermia, photocoagulation). We see our task as very methodical, consecutive and slow enough impact on the vessels that feed the tumor. The aim of this impact is an attempt to make veins obstructed by clots to destroy them. In any case the question is in the cessation of tumor feeding. As ideal variant the vessel destruction should be synchronous with size decrease of the tumor up to it complete disappearance.

Laser device will meet the severe requirements of doctors and engineers concerning usage quality and safety. It will be equipped with 2 laser irradiators of red (sighting) and infrared range (powerful) respectively. Control of laser system operation in all it functional regimen will carried out by processor control unit. With that purpose the unique software support will be worked out.

Areas of Application

After the project close-out we will have a new technology of intraocular melanoma treatment and laser system for it realization in ophthalmology . The very similar approach can be applied in oncology general surgery laparoscopy techniques. The main idea for this is also disrupt a cancer blood vessels.

Laser device for the treatment of an eye choroid melanomas
Fig. 1 General view of the device.

Stage of Development

Method and working model of the device is laboratory tested. Prototype is under manufacturing. IP protection under development.

Contact Details

Filatov Eyes Disease and Tissue's Therapy Institute
49/51, Boulevard Francais, Odessa, 65061, Ukraine
Team Leader: Leonid A. Linnik, professor, MD, Laser techniques of eye's disease treatment laboratory's chief, the S. I. Vavilov Prize winner.
Tel.: (38 0482)-63-67-25; (38 0482)-60-37-33
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Contact person (technical and commercialization issues): Oleksandr S. Pekaryk, MBA, MS (quantum radiophysics)
Telephone/Fax: (38 04498)-50336;
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ;

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