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Home Biotechnologies Novel natural surface-active materials of wide range of application (agriculture, ecology, oil refining, food, cosmetic industry)

Novel natural surface-active materials of wide range of application (agriculture, ecology, oil refining, food, cosmetic industry)


Highly-effective biotechnological surface-active products of polyfunctional action (biosurfactants) are proposed. Biosurfactants can successfully replace synthetic surface-active substances in modern ecologically safe technologies. The proposed products are non-toxic, non-allergic, possess high surface, solubilizing and moistening activity and are able to stabilize highly-disperse water emulsions of hydrocarbons, plant oils and other hydrophobic substances. The glycolipid, peptidolipid, polysaccharide surfactants as well as their complexes in form of water solutions of various concentrations were obtained via microbiological synthesis of strains PS, Rh and GR, as well as natural cheap substrates.

Biosurfactants PS are perspective and ecologically safe washing agents and cosmetic means (emulsifiers, detergents, hair gels, hair and body shampoos). Obtained experimental samples of washing preparations have shown high efficiency and good compatibility with human skin. An application of biosurfactants PS for increase of oil output in industrial conditions allowed to obtain 50-100 tons of additional oil per 1 ton of natural surfactant solution with concentration 1%.

Biosurfactants are perspective for creation of ecologically safe products and technologies for sustainable agriculture: new biofertilizers (which replace chemical ones) and means of plant protection. Biosurfactants are successfully used in complex preparations remediation, reclamation and protection of soil.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The main innovative aspects of the proposed products are:

  • Universal emulsification for various substances, works at the wide range of pH
  • Regulation of activity of enzymes, biocides, growth stimulators etc.
  • Regulation of processes of transfer of biologically-active substances into cell
  • Modification of various surfaces: alteration of hydrophobic-hydrophilic properties

Such properties of biopreparation promote an improvement of existing and creation of new agricultural, pharmaceutical, biomedical preparations and technologies.

Areas of Application

  • Agriculture: Means of plant nutrition and protection (biological control), regulators of enzyme activity for cattle breeding.
  • Ecologically safe cosmetic and hygienic means.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: improving activity of pharmaceutical preparations, antimicrobial activity.
  • The bioremediation of polluted water and soil with use of microorganisms, biosurfactants and natural sorbents.
  • Oil industry: increase of oil output, processes of drilling
  • Biomedical technologies: direct transport of biologically-active substances and other medical preparations in living organism; emulsification, moisturizing.
  • Food industry: emulsification, rafination of oils and fats.
Influence of bio-surfactant on growth of alfalfa

Fig. 1 Influence of bio-surfactant
on growth of alfalfa:
1 – experimental;
2 – control

Dynamics of bioremediation of petroleum contaminated water by biopreparate GR.
Fig. 2 Dynamics of bioremediation of petroleum contaminated
water by biopreparate GR.

Stage of Development

Standard specifications of production are developed, sanitation certificate is obtained, pilot lots are obtained on experimental plants. The biopreparation “Polycom” is patented. Prototype is available for testing. The biopreparation is tested in laboratory.

Contact Details

Elena Karpenko, Ph.D., Head of Biotechnology Laboratory
Lviv Department of Physical Chemistry of Combustible Minerals of L.M.Litvinenko Institute of Physical Organic Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Naukova Str., 3a, Lviv, 79053, Ukraine
Phone: (380 322) 63-51-74
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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