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Organic-mineral fertilizers of prolonged action


In accordance with information technology we developed biologically active, organic-mineral balanced fertilizers on the basis of waste products of agriculture, silicon compound and natural minerals with high sorbing facility (analcimum, trepel, glauconitum). The presence of these components in structure of fertilizers allows to achieve prolonged action at application, to improve agrophisical, agrochemical and biological soil condition to operate plant development during all vegetative period.

The technology of granulated and powdery fertilizer production and the rules of their rational use is developed considering the features of plant development, edaphic conditions and factors of environmental factors. The fertilizers received from organic waste products and natural minerals, are capable to increase soil fertility, to reduce soil fatigue and accumulation of heavy metals in products, to stimulate the development agronomically useful microbiota, to intensify the processes of plant growth.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

At the development of the contents of the organic-mineral fertilizers the information approach has been applied for reception of paradoxical effect from their applications (high efficiency of their action due to use of tartaric acid and natural minerals even in low concentrations).

The production schedules of manufacture of fertilizers assume construction of small modules directly near a source of waste products and raw material. The experimental researches have proved high efficiency of organic-mineral fertilizers in crop capacity and quality of production, the soil condition essentially improves.

Areas of Application

Organic-mineral fertilizers of prolonged action are used for agricultural, ornamental medicinal plants cultivation; for improvement soil condition at solinity , anthropogenous pollution, soil fatigue.

Facilities of the technological line
Fig. 1 Facilities of the technological line.

Stage of Development

The development is patented, field tests were carried out, it is on market.

Contact Details

Natalia Zaimenko
M.M.Grishko National Botanical Garden of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Timiryazevska Str. 1, Kyiv-01014, Ukraine
Tel.:+38 044 285 4105, fax: +38 044 285 2649
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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