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Home Biotechnologies Technology of precise estimate of blood flow's parameters "TRUTH"

Technology of precise estimate of blood flow's parameters "TRUTH"


Estimation of parameters of blood flow in various organs and tissues is a basis of instrumental diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases. Ultrasonic Doppler examination is the most widespread method of noninvasive estimations of blood flow's parameters. It is based on the spectral analysis of an Doppler echosignal, which frequency’s shift transfers the information about the distribution of the blood flow velocities in the field of interest. Serious lack of known variants of such research is low accuracy of estimation of parameters of hemodynamics.

Traditionally in the spectral analysis of improvement of accuracy of measurements achieve by increasing of duration of echosignal's sample. However, this way does not give desirable result in ultrasonic Doppler echoscopy of blood flow owing to its high dynamism. Changes of blood flow's speed connected with cardiocycle even on traditionally short samples of echosignal (10-20 ms), gives essential expansion of spectrum and, as consequence, decrease of resolution and accuracy of the spectral analysis.

The technology "Truth" provides measurement of parameters of blood flow with an error essencially smaller, than traditional technologies allow and gives the possibility to estimate the true blood flow parameters.

Development of technology "Truth" has been started during execution of the project 793 "Creation of an ultrasonic cerebral Doppler angiograph having a three-dimensional image reconstruction (USCDA)"

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • Highly effective iterative method of compensation of spectral expansion of Doppler signal which eliminates corresponding errors in an estimation of speed's parameters of the blood flow caused by its high dynamism;
  • Unprecedented reliability of estimations of hemodynamic's parameters (that is especially important in making decision concerning necessity of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and other vascular surgical interventions);
  • An opportunity of integration in earlier released ultrasonic Doppler scanners (for example, ULTIMA PA).

Introduction of technology "Truth" into medical practice would improve quality of diagnostics of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular pathology, and also vascular diseases of other localization.

Areas of Application

The basic areas of application of ultrasonic scanners with offered technology "Truth" will be the vascular surgery, cardiology and also neurology of cerebrovascular diseases.

ULTIMA PA ultrasound diagnostic complex
Fig. 1 ULTIMA PA ultrasound
diagnostic complex with
technology of precise
estimate of blood flow's
parameters "Truth"

Blood flow color mapping of the man’s organs with automatic flow parameter evaluation by spectrogram
Fig. 2 Blood flow color mapping of the man’s organs with automatic flow
parameter evaluation by spectrogram

Stage of Development

Development and manufacturing of electronic doppler blood flow imitators with increased accuracy for calibration of ultrasonic scanners in which the technology "Truth" will be realized.

Clinical tests of technology.

Contact Details

"Radmir" company, the subsidiary of NIIRI JSC
Contact person: Anatolij Marusenko
Address: 271, Akademika Pavlova Str., Kharkiv, 61054, Ukraine
Теl: (38057) 738-2093
Fax: (38057) 717-2879
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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