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Home Biotechnologies The HYPOXOTRON, new clinical device for intermittent hypoxia treatment

The HYPOXOTRON, new clinical device for intermittent hypoxia treatment


The target of this project is to produce, evaluate, and optimize a new type of medical instrument to provide safe, effective, and economical normobaric Intermittent Hypoxia Training (IHT). The application of this instrument is based on novel methods for increasing non-specific body resistance to extreme environmental factors and pathogenic agents. It has been proven that repeated short bouts of breathing a moderately low oxygen atmosphere (hypoxia) a few minutes a day for several days, i.e., IHT, optimizes the functioning of respiratory, cardiovascular and immune systems, increases tolerance to extreme environmental factors and physical exercises, stimulates clearing of the respiratory tract of microscopic particles, reduces negative effects of ionizing irradiation and increases body tolerance to various toxins.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The principle of rebreathing to cause hypoxia has long been known, but a safe, convenient, portable, and compact device is still not available. The existing rebreathing devices for hypoxic pre-acclimatization and training do not provide individual regulation of hypoxic stimulus intensification rate for each patient. Besides, the procedure of filling air to the reservoir before therapy is very complicated. The existing devices are very expensive and therefore are not available for the majority of population.

The substantial advantage of our offered device is that rebreathing reservoir designed as flexible goffered silphon provides a possibility of creating individual hypoxic conditions for patient and simplifies the procedure of filling the reservoir with air before therapeutic session (Fig.1). The novelty of the methodological approach is solution of the problem of individual hypoxia dosage. Such design enables using the device for prophylaxis and medical treatment of many diseases, for training of athletes, for improvement of activity and well being of individuals in high altitudes, for health care of workers in mining and chemical industry, etc.

Areas of Application

Medicine, Sport Training. The consumers of portable IHT device can be both companies and individual users.

Commercial outcomes. Commercial development of a new portable "Hypoxotron" will have important economical and social effects, since this new device will be much cheaper compared to existing devices and its usage in sport and medicine will improve the quality of services and reduce the time required for training/ treatment.

The scheme of portable IHT device
Fig. 1 The scheme of portable IHT device

Stage of Development

Experimental model of proposed device "Hypoxotron" has been made and tested.

Contact Details

Tatiana Serebrovskaya, Ph.D., Doctor of Biol.Sci., Academician of Int. Acad. Sci., Principal Researcher
Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology
Address: 4 Bogomoletz St., Kiev 01601, UKRAINE
Tel: (+38044) 256-2557 (office); (+38067) 231-5925 (mobile);
Fax: (+380-44) 256-2000
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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