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Application of natural minerals in ecological agriculture


The scientific and production team led by the Doctor of Biological Science Natalia Zaimenko developed information technology-based, biologically active, organic-mineral balanced fertilizers on the basis of waste products of agriculture, silicon compound and natural minerals with high sorbing facility (analcinite, trepel, glauconite).

Technogenic pressure on agro-ecological systems deforms the natural protective mechanisms of plants, resulting in worsening of agricultural products quality.

Our experiments show that application of balanced, granulated organic-mineral fertilizes of prolonged activity, based on agricultural and industrial wasters combined with natural minerals guarantee positive effect on agro-physical, agrochemical and biological conditions of soil, physiological-biochemical processes in plants and on peculiarities of plant development. Such an approach seems to be one of basic pathways to steady development of biological agriculture.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The innovative approach is explained by paradoxical effect of multiple increase of biological activity of fertilizer as a result of combined application of small dozes of dispersed minerals and some organic acids.

The presence of these components allows to get the prolonged effect, to improve agro-physical, agrochemical and biological state of soil, to create a depot of water to supply plants and influence their development during the whole vegetation period.

Areas of Application

  1. The technology was developed to produce granulated and powdery organic-mineral fertilizers on the basis of agricultural wastes (poultry droppings, husk, etc.) and the method of its rational application taking into account peculiarities of plants development, edaphic conditions and factors of environment. Fertilizers produced from organic wastes and natural minerals can increase soil fertility, decrease soil fatigue and heavy metals accumulation in crops, stimulate development of useful micro-biota, activate processes of plant growth and increase of productivity for 30-50 % depending on an agriculture. Technology of fertilizer production presupposes building of small modules just near sources of wasters and materials.
  2. There was developed the method of seeds before sowing treatment by the mixture containing minerals with silicon components modified by organic acids, carbohydrates and amino acids. At sowing of seeds iced (glazed) or incrusted by the mixture of natural minerals and biologically active compounds crop productivity increases for 25-40% in average.
  3. Active researches are carried out on application of developed minerals for plant protection from fungal and bacterial deceases.

A study of modified natural minerals on grape plants resistance to phytopatogenic organisms has been in the process. We intend to use small-dispersed mineral compositions in nanotechnologies for plant-growing industry.

Stage of Development

The development is patented, field tests were carried out, it is on the market.

Contact Details

Zaimenko Natalia, Doctor of Biological Science
Botanic Garden of Ukraine named after Gryshko N.N.
1, Tymiriazivs’ka Str. Kyiv, 01014 Ukraine
Tel. +38 (044) 285 41 05

Maistrenko Svitlana
“Ecormin-Planet Ltd.”
Tel/fax: +38044 285-0214
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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