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Home Biotechnologies “Filomek” is the Drug for Prophylaxis and Treatment of Disorders of the Reproductive Human System

“Filomek” is the Drug for Prophylaxis and Treatment of Disorders of the Reproductive Human System


The invention relates to the pharmaceutical industry, in particular to producing medicinal agents from reproductive tissues of sea hydrobionts and can be used in the form of a prophylaxis agent for restoring a human reproductive system and for treating hormonal deviations in a hypophysis gonads system.

The drug “Filomek” is obtained from tissues of marine hydrobionts according to the development authors' technology. The complex of phospholipids with omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids (?-3-PUFA) serve as the medicine basis. The drug “Filomek” also includes the short-chain regulatory peptides, essential amino acids, nucleotide components, and vitamin E.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The novelty of the developed compound lays in the effective combination of phospholipids with omega-3- polyunsaturated fatty acids, short-chain regulatory peptides, essential amino acids, nucleotide components, and vitamin E.

The preparation “Filomek” has adaptogenic activity and hormone-like properties and can be used for restoring of human reproductive system function under sexual disorders and for treatment of sterility.

Manufacturing of the preparation“Filomek” will allow to solve a problem of recycling of waste from industrial pro cessing of the squids and to obtain valuable biologically active preparations from them which realization will give additional profit to the enterprise. The complex of the equipment can be placed on coastal fishing enterprises or fishing vessels.

Areas of Application

  • pharmaceutical industry - a substance is for preventive and medical purpose as facility for recovering the functions of the reproductive system of the person under her(its) frustration, for treatment of the hyperplasia endometrium and the other profilactive processes in the human organism, for increasing level of testosterone, for reinforcement of the abilities to fertilization, for treatment of prostatitis, erectile dysfunctions;
  • make-up industry - a substance is used as additional facility for baths and washing hair, which has the low removing fat properties, high foaming and ability to adjust water-fatty balance on surfaces of the skin;
  • food industry – substance is used as a valuable food addition stable to oxidation.
  • agriculture – folder protein obtained from the waste of the drug "FILOMEK" production is used;
  • biotechnology – substance is us


Stage of Development

Technological regulations, Technological instruction and Standard specifications of the substance production from the waste of the sea organisms are prepared. The intellectual property rights are protected by the patent for invention “Medical agent for prophylaxis and treatment of a human reproductive system disorders and method for the production thereof” EA200701147, 2007-12-28; UA20041109612, 2004-11-23; WO2005UA00052, 2005- 11-21.

Contact Details

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Palladin Institute of Biochemistry, Transfer Technology Office
Contact person: Dr. Kozulina Olena Petrivna
Address: 9, Leontovicha str., 01601, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel.: (+38 044) 235 7157
Fax: (+38 044) 279 6365
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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