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Home Biotechnologies Acousto-Magnetic Tomograph For Remote Measurement Of An Electrical Conductance Of Tissues Of The Human Body

Acousto-Magnetic Tomograph For Remote Measurement Of An Electrical Conductance Of Tissues Of The Human Body


Efficient diagnostic method utilizing measurement of electrical conductivity of tissues (for example, nervous fibers) and gastric acidity is a problem in medicine. Currently, contact and painful methods are used (current transmission, insert of a probe into a stomach of the human). Such methods do not provide for local measurement of electrical conductivity of tissues of internal organs.

Together with the scientists of Iowa State University in USA we propose a method and design of a acousto-magnetic tomography (AMT) for non-invasive and painlessly measurement of the electrical conductivity of local areas of tissues and liquids in a human organism. This device has no analogs. The expected spatial resolution AMT can be from 10 up to 1 mm. Moreover, in addition to diagnostic such device could also provide for therapeutic effect. AMT can bring acoustic oscillations of the required frequency into focus to a particular place of the human organism and initiate the local vibrations of a tissue. In a permanent external magnetic field, vibration of the conducting medium causes the appearance of a local electric current. The complex of these phenomena can positively influence on physiological processes in an organism. The schema of AMT is shown in the scheme (Fig.1).

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • application of focusing acoustic irradiation;
  • high spatial resolution (1-10mm);
  • non-invasive monitoring of alternating local magnetic field of the tissues by SQUID detector;
  • joint influence of local acoustic vibration and local electric current;
  • no any harm to the patient.

This technology is usable for any point of a human body. It is contactless, remote and local.

Areas of Application

ATM could be used in medicine for:

  • remote diagnostic of the local (1-10 mm) defects of nervous tissues,
  • remote and operating measurement of gastric acidity in-vivo,
  • local acousto-magnetic therapy of nervous tissues.

Fig. 1 The schema of an acoustomagnetic measurements facility
1. control panel, 2. acoustic generator, 3. magnetic field coil,
4. point of investigation, 5. cryostat of magnetic SQUID detector,
6. patient, 7. movable table.

Stage of Development

Proofed conception

Contact Details

Organization: Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of NASU
Contact person: Bondarenko Stanislav Ivanovich
Address: 47,Lenin ave., Kharkov 61103, Ukraine
Теl: (38 057) 341-0933
Fax: (38 057) 340-2223
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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