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Home Biotechnologies An Aeration In-silo Dryer and Ozone Technology for Grain Storage and Seed Pre-plant Processing

An Aeration In-silo Dryer and Ozone Technology for Grain Storage and Seed Pre-plant Processing


An aeration in-silo dryer is designed for grain disinfection, detoxication, drying, and pre-seeding processing with the crosscut air-ozone mixture flows. The pilot dryer model (storage capacity of 0.7 м3) has been manufactured. The experimental research on this model has resulted in specifying:

  • The dryer design elements and characteristics of the support equipment;
  • The ozone dose and concentration inside grain embankment, separately for each kind of processing;
  • The air-ozone mixture pressure and temperature inside of each grain layer;
  • The processing modes for disinfection and detoxication of humid grain and for inhibition of pests in dry grain;
  • The regimes of seed processing which can provide crop yield increase.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The dryer is designed based on “thermos” principle. Layer-by-layer blowing with air-ozone mixture flows provides high efficiency, uniformity, and safety of grain processing. The proposed technology is inexpensive and ecologically clean as it uses electrical energy in contrast to expensive and environmentally impure technologies which use natural gas and oil.

The technology provides the possibility for:

  • Grain harvesting 1-2 weeks earlier its ripeness and grain ripening during the drying process;
  • Final drying of grain after discontinued drying process for energy-saving purpose and grain quality preservation;
  • Partial load modes for grain drying, high-quality storage, as well as pre-seeding processing which can provide additional yield increase.

Advantages of the technology for grain processing with air-ozone mixture:

  • cheapness and high rate of the grain processing;
  • lack of the residual harmful substances on the processed grain;
  • possibility for rehabilitation of grain affected by mold for further safe utilization.

Ozone is more effective, safe and cheap as a fumigant than any pesticides. Ozone as disinfectant eliminates grain damage caused by microbes and inhibits storehouse pests. The use of ozone is especially effective in humid environment and in high temperatures. Pre-seeding processing by low-concentrated ozone will result in increasing their ferment activity by 50 -100%, while high ozone doses can demolish grain cell capsules. The proposed technology will eliminate seeds’ damage at their loading into the aeration dryer.

Areas of Application

The dryer and technology were developed for application at the grain storage complexes, farms and the seed-farms.

Fig. 1

Stage of Development

The technology for grain disinfection, detoxication, drying and storage, as well pre-seeding processing was developed for wheat, maize, soy and sunflower. 75 kg of each of these crops were seeded in May 2007 after processing. In spite of rainless weather during May & June 2007 improved germination was recorded compared to control non-processed seeds. The crop capacity is expected to increase by 10-15%. A 100-ton aeration dryer has designed. A PCT patent application for the dryer and technology has been prepared.

Contact Details

Danchenko Vitaly Georgievich
Organization: “Elevator” Ltd.
Adress: 10-b Evpatoriyskaya str, off.55, Dnepropetrovsk, 49126, Ukraine
+38056-379-0175, +38050-361-5689 (mob)
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