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Home Biotechnologies Biotechnical System For Human Bioenergetic Field Visualization

Biotechnical System For Human Bioenergetic Field Visualization


The main purpose of the system is to support express computer diagnostics of human health state based on the Eastern methods of diagnostics and therapy (Nakatani method). The system builds visual representation of a human bioenergetics field (eastern - aura) using results of computer based Nakatani diagnostics. “Visual Biofield” is based on the innovative distance propagation technique and distance depended color synthesis algorithm.

The system makes it possible to:

  • represent the state of the human aura by measuring resistance of the body surface in a set of representative points 12 pair meridians using the system hardware;
  • determine the degree of pathology of body meridians;
  • determine the degree of misbalance and general degree of pathology;
  • computate the state of organs and systems of human body with the use of diagnostic card analysis.

Proposed biotechnical system also provides:

  • objective fixation of treatment results;
  • monitoring dynamics of changes and correct treating process;
  • forecasting different changes in a human body as well as organs separately even before expressed symptoms appear;
  • exposing reasons which caused pathologies;
  • easy and quick estimation of human body state within minimal interferences in vital functions.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Image of aura built by the system does not claim to be an exact visual representation of the real bioenergetics field which differentiates “Visual Biofield” from all other developments. It gives expressive and informative visual representation of the computer diagnostics results instead that is much more useful.

Optimized computer Nakatani diagnostics requires only 24 measurements instead of 48 original ones, this makes the diagnostics almost 2 times faster.

The main advantages of the biofield visualization for the human psychophysical state estimation against the direct interpretation of numeric results of Nakatani diagnostics are huge historical experience related to the aura and accessibility of such interpretation both for professional and home use.

Areas of Application

The main application of the system is express computer diagnostics of the human health state for professional medicine and home use.

Recommended application of the system is preliminary diagnostics of human body functional state within:

  • prophylactic examination;
  • clinical consideration;
  • treatment;
  • medical rehabilitation;
  • control of treatment by different methods in diagnostic, treating and rehabilitation centers.

Fig. 1

Stage of Development

Development phase – laboratory tests

Contact Details

Vice-rector, Ph.D., Prof. Nikolay I. Slipchenko,
Ph.D, Prof. Natalia V. Belous
Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics Software Dept.
Ukraine, 14 Lenin Ave., UKR-61166 Kharkiv
TEL: +38057-7021413, +38057-7012891, +38067-9101676,
FAX: +38057-7021013.
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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