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Multifunctional device of electromagnetic radiation in optical band intended for therapeutics using polarized light The device is used for activation of exchange processes in skin and stimulation of tissues regeneration

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Action of the linearly polarized non coherent sources has never given any side effects as the world practice implies. Polarized light raises energetic activity of cellular membrane and improves cellular bioenergetics potential. Moreover, acting directly on the nervous terminations and the nervous system as a whole it produces beneficial changes on different levels of a human body.

The formulated problem is solved with the stimulating electro-magnetic radiation of the optical band with the possibility to change the frequency range with the specified time of radiation.

The experimental model provides variation of radiation in the whole optic band (radiation power is up to 60 W) making it possible to:

  • increase the body capability for self-renewal non-aggressively, positively interacting with biological system;
  • eliminate stress from the organism;
  • intensify the regenerative processes;
  • nourish the skin with cosmetic substances of deep penetration and prolonged provision;
  • cause feeling of well-being and strengthen organism.

Longstanding clinical observations, medical and cosmetic investigations prove positive influence of the polarized non-coherent light.


  • supply voltage ------ 230 V
  • consumed power ------ 50 W
  • wavelength ---------- 400-2000 nm
  • polarization degree - 85%
  • power density ------- 45 mW/cm2

Areas of Application

The developed device was created for use in house conditions or for specific professional applications in medicine for skin diseases treatment, health services establishments

Fig. 1 Biotron

Stage of Development

The experimental model. There are similar devices developed in the Swiss company “Zepter” but their price is very high (from 300 of conventional units). Serial production of the developed device makes it possible to decrease its price.

Contact Details

Dr. Sci. Phys.- Math., Prof. Mykola M. Rozhitskii
Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics
Ukraine, 14 Lenin Ave., UKR-61166 Kharkiv,
TEL: +38057-7021413, +38057-7020369,
FAX: +38057-7021013.
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,

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